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Vologda Kremlin (Nason-gorod), founded in 1567 by Ivan the Terrible, is a striking exemple of harmonious combination of architectural styles of several centuries

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The ancient city of Vologda is a keeper of age-old Russian traditions, a treasury of wooden and white stone architecture, a large center of folk handicrafts and trades

Museum of laces

Museum of laces video Museums, historical monuments Museum of laces on map Museum of laces

In Museum of Lace operate exhibitions of European and Vologda lace, study class in lace-weaving, lace shop, creative workshop, children's museum center

Spaso-Prilutsky monastery

Spaso-Prilutsky monastery video Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Spaso-Prilutsky monastery on map Spaso-Prilutsky monastery

Spaso-Prilutsky monastery, the largest and oldest in Russian North, is a most interesting ensemble, harmoniously combining in itself architectural monuments of different epochs

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