Steinbeis-Hochschule-Berlin (SHB)

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Berlin, 10247 Berlin, Gürtelstraße 29 A/30

Sponsorship: Private
Founding year: 1998
Students: 3831

Courses: Banking and Finance, Biomedical Analytics für MTLA, Biomedizinische Technik, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration - Governance, Risk, Compliance & Fraud Management, Business Administration - Technologie, Business and Engineering, Business Management, Cardiovascular Perfusion, Complementary Medicine, Controlling and Consulting, Creative Leadership, Development and Research Management, Electrotechnical Systems, Engineering, Finance, Financial Services Industries, Führungs- und Organisationsberatung, General Management, Globalisation Management, Handel, Mittelstands- und Kooperationsmanagement, Handelsmanagement, Healthcare Industries, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Innovation, Qualität und Unternehmensführung, International Business and Entrepreneurship, International Management, International Management - Logistics, International Management & Innovation, International MBA, Kommunales Management, Management, Management and Business, Management und Technologie, Marketing, Marketing Management, Master of Business and Engineering, Media Management, Medien, Nursing, Oral Implantology, Osteopathie, Periodontology, Physotherapie, Product Engineering, Public Management, Public Management, Public Management, Public, Healthcare and Casemanagement, Sales, SME Management, Strategic and Human Ressource, Tourismus, Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin.

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