Rybinsk Reservoir

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Yaroslavskaya Oblast'

Yaroslavskaya Oblast' video Regions, areas, large resorts Yaroslavskaya Oblast' on map Yaroslavskaya Oblast'

Yaroslavskaya Oblast is rich in monuments of ancient architecture. For tourist's service there are 130 travel companies, more than 40 hotels, an extensive network of cafes and restaurants


Borisoglebsky video Cities Borisoglebsky on map Borisoglebsky

The main and practically only one point of interest in the tiny town of Borisoglebsky is the majestic architectural ensemble of Borisoglebsky monastery


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Myshkin, museum-town of Russian province, preserving its charming atmosphere. Old merchant's houses, picturesque manors; Mouse Museum, Flax Museum, Museum of Valenok


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Architectural and historical monuments of Rostov the Great, one of the oldest cities of the Golden Ring, are the invaluable heritage not only of Russian, but also of world culture


Rybinsk video Cities Rybinsk on map Rybinsk

Rybinsk - the former "city of barge-haulers" and "granary of Russia" - preserves a unique atmosphere of old merchant city due to charming eclecticism of its architecture


Tutayev video Cities Tutayev on map Tutayev

Pictorial ancient town of Tutayev, the so-called "Volga River gem", has preserved its unique historical appearance and is considered one of the most beautiful Volga cities


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Uglich, beautiful ancient town, standing among thick woods on the shore of mighty Volga, is celebrated for its numerous wonderful monuments of church and civil architecture


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The main adornments of Velikoe village are the architectural ensemble of Church of Nativity of Our Lady and Lokalov's mansion, stylized as Russian terem (tower-chamber)


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Yaroslavl, the oldest of Volga cities, was founded by Yaroslav the Wise in 1098-1010. Its historical center, famous for numerous architectural masterpiecrs, is a World Heritage Site

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