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Virginia video Regions, areas, large resorts Virginia on map Virginia

The state of Virginia is a birthplace of 8 presidents of the U. S. George Washington was born in the town of Mount Vernon. His plantation home is well preserved and now is a museum


Manassas video Cities Manassas on map Manassas

Manassas is a city with the rich historical background and lots of museums. Some spectacular historical reconstruction events take place here.


Staunton video Cities Staunton on map Staunton

The city of Staunton lies in the Shenandoah Valley between the Allegheny Mountains and the Blue Ridge. Its charming downtown is worth visiting


Williamsburg video Cities Williamsburg on map Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a living town-museum full of 300-400 years old buildings. Everyone can feel himself a native American of Independence War times here.


Yorktown video Cities Yorktown on map Yorktown

Yorktown is a genuine historical monument. This is the legendary site of the final battle of the War of Independence that happened in October, 1781.


Jamestown video Museums, historical monuments Jamestown on map Jamestown

Jamestown is the cradle of the American democracy. In 1607 this place near the James River became the first English settlement in America

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon video Museums, historical monuments Mount Vernon on map  
Mount Vernon

Shirley Plantation

Shirley Plantation video Palaces Shirley Plantation on map Shirley Plantation

Shirley Plantation, the first one in Virginia, was established in 1613. Despite being the National Historic Landmark, it is still in private ownership

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