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Are you fond of cowboy movies? If yes, you are to visit a living decoration for shooting such movie - Dodge City, the wildest one on the Wild West.

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The main attractions of Kansas are 4 national historic sites - military forts of XIX cent. and the National Reserve (the Flint Hills), the continent's largest remaining tract of tallgrass

Keystone Gallery

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Keystone Gallery visitors can not only see exhibitions of Kansas fossils and related paintings and photos but also take part in guided fossil hunts.

M.T. Liggett's Political Sculptures, Mullinville

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M.T. Liggett began creating his acid political masterpieces in 1989. His metal scrap sculptures can be seen along the Highway 154 in Mullinville.

OZ Museum, Wamego

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The OZ Museum exhibitions are totally dedicated to the magic OZ country, created by Frank Baum in 1900. It is home to about 2000 OZ-related artifacts.

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