Borisoglebsky Monastery

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Truly wonderful in its picturesque multi-styledness architectural ensemble of Borisoglebsky Monastery, the oldest in Tver land, is the main pride and adornment of Torzhok

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Torzhok, a scenic town with centuries-old history, located on the banks of the Tvertsa river, is known not only as a museum under the open sky, but also as a popular resort town

Wooden Architecture and Ethnography Museum, Vasilevo

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On the basis of Vasilevo estate, an architectural ensemble of 18-19 centuries, there was established the Ethnography Museum presenting masterpieces of wooden architecture

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The true pride of Torzhok is the only one in Russian Federation Helicopter Museum, where are exhibited almost all models of domestically constructed aircrafts of this kind

Torzhok Gold Embroidery

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The famous Torzhok Gold Embroidery is a unique Russian folk handicraft, which appeared as far back as the Middle Ages and has been preserved up to the present time

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