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Canada is interesting primarily for its nature and attracts fans of both traditional and extreme tourism

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Regions, areas, large resorts Alberta on map Alberta

Alberta - the most sunny province of Canada. It is an attractive place for active recreation and for getting acquaintance with Canadian history

British Columbia

Regions, areas, large resorts British Columbia on map British Columbia

British Columbia is the land of friendly people, magnificent nature, sea and mountain landscapes, islands and gardens

New Brunswick

Regions, areas, large resorts New Brunswick on map New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the three Maritime Provinces of Canada. It is interesting for tourists by historical monuments of first settlements and the unique nature

Nova Scotia

Regions, areas, large resorts Nova Scotia on map Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is an excellent place for beach recreation, sea fishing and traveling through national parks


Regions, areas, large resorts Ontario on map Ontario

Ontario is one of the most attractive for tourism provinces of Canada: there are 30 nature reserves, thousands of rivers and lakes, the Niagara Falls

Prince Edward Island

Regions, areas, large resorts Prince Edward Island on map Prince Edward Island video Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island - the Eastern Maritime province is famous for beautiful ocean beaches, well-developed tourist infrastructure and seafood restaurants


Regions, areas, large resorts Quebec on map Quebec

The northern Appalachian Mountains, the famous Montmorency waterfalls, ski resorts, sandy beaches and natural reserves attract tourists to Quebec

Yukon Territory

Regions, areas, large resorts Yukon Territory on map Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory is a part of a vast subarctic region with long cold winters and short cool summers. Bring home photographs of the Yukon’s rivers, glaciers and wildlife


Cities Calgary on map Calgary video Calgary

Calgary is a beautiful modern city with shining skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, spacious parks, numerous museums, art galleries, sports facilities, shops, restaurants and nightclubs


Cities Edmonton on map Edmonton video Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the five "most intelligent" cities in Canada. It is ideal not only for leisure but for education as well. Local beer is excellent


Cities Montreal on map Montreal video Montreal

City of Montreal seems to be created especially for tourists – there are many museums, churches, remarkable ancient buildings and interesting modern architecture


Cities Ottawa on map Ottawa video Ottawa

The capital of Canada - Ottawa will please its guests with abundance of wonderful parks, interesting museums, theaters and art galleries

Quebec City

Cities Quebec City on map Quebec City video Quebec City

Quebec City is the only one in Canada, where old districts are surrounded by walls. It has European look and French atmosphere


Cities Toronto on map Toronto video Toronto

Toronto - the biggest city of Canada, the leading economic centre of the country. Here is a great diversity of cultures - more than a half of the population are immigrants


Cities Vancouver on map Vancouver video Vancouver

Vancouver is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world: coniferous forests, snow peaks, fjords. Very often Hollywood movies are filmed here

Canada, nature

Nature Canada, nature on map Canada, nature video Canada, nature

Canada's nature is magnificent. The climate ranges from the Arctic in the north to temperate in the south. Much of the territory occupy tundra and forests. A diverse fauna

Canada, tourism

Extreme tourism and Walking Canada, tourism on map Canada, tourism video Canada, tourism

Canada is one of the best places in the world for admirers of ecological tourism, mountain climbing, rafting and other forms of active and extreme recreation

Gros Morne National Park

National parks, Nature reserves Gros Morne National Park on map Gros Morne National Park video Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne - the National Park with beautiful diverse scenery: a combination of glacial valleys, high mountain plateau, waterfalls, fjords, lakes. Rich fauna

Niagara Falls

Waterfalls Niagara Falls on map Niagara Falls video Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is the most striking natural sight of Canada. Tourists are offered a trip by boat to the very waterfall or behind it to the three tunnels

Prince of Wales Island (Nunavut)

Islands, archipelagos Prince of Wales Island (Nunavut) on map  
Prince of Wales Island (Nunavut)

St. John`s

Cities St. John`s on map St. John`s video St. John`s

The home-quiet atmosphere of St. John's recalls the times when there was just a fishermen’s village

Vancouver Island

Islands, archipelagos Vancouver Island on map Vancouver Island video Vancouver Island

A large part of the Vancouver Island is mountainous and covered with pine forests. There are many rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Great opportunities for cycling, hiking, sailing, fishing

Western Brook Pond

Lakes Western Brook Pond on map Western Brook Pond video Western Brook Pond

Western Brook Pond is a real jewel of Gros Morne National Park. The banks of this fiord are the majestic cliffs over 700 m height with numerous waterfalls. Boat tours are available

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