Bariloche region


They call Bariloche the «Argentine Switzerland». In winter, it is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Argentine Andes, in summer – an excellent spa resort

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One can find everything in Argentina: infinite beaches and mountains, endless steppes, impassable forests, incredible beautiful waterfalls, ski resorts and huge megacities

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Bariloche (Afrikaans), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Català), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Cymraeg), Bariloche (Deutsch), Bariloche (Español), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Français), 산카를로스데바릴로체 (한국어), Bariloche (Íslenska), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Italiano), בארילוצ\\\'ה (עברית), San_Karlos_de_Bariločė (Lietuvių), Bariloche_(Río_Negro) (Nederlands), Bariloche (Polski), Bariloche (Português), Bariloche (Simple English), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Slovenčina), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Slovenščina), San_Carlos_de_Bariloche (Svenska), 圣卡洛斯-德巴里洛切 (中文) •