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NewsMorocco • 2013-05-02

Select the country and object's type Morocco – UNWTO and UNDP support new system of classification for tourism accommodation

UNWTO, the Government of Morocco and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed an agreement to support the Ministry of Tourism of Morocco in the implementation of a new classification system for tourism accommodation establishments. Strengthening the quality of accommodation across all establishments is central to consolidate the competitiveness of Morocco as a tourism destination.

The project will build capacity within the Ministry of Tourism to set up a new classification system for the accommodation establishments, a central part of Morocco’s tourism strategy «Vision 2020». The new system should elevate the competitiveness of the hotel industry in Morocco according to international standards while creating a true culture of quality among the accommodation industry.

The agreement contemplates furthermore actions to raise awareness among tourism accommodation establishments and relevant stakeholders of the need for a new classification system, in order to ensure its sustainable implementation.

«This initiative will contribute to the economic and social development of Morocco as it creates opportunities to advance the quality of its tourism sector», said UNWTO Executive Director for Programme and Coordination, Fréderic Pierret, in signing the agreement on behalf of UNWTO.

The project, financed by the Government of Morocco, will be implemented by UNWTO who will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Tourism between 2013 and 2018.

Morocco is the leading tourism destination in North Africa, with almost 10 million international tourist arrivals in 2012 and US$ 6.7 bn in revenues 2012. A UNWTO member since 1975, Morocco has shown a remarkable tourism growth, with international tourist arrivals more than doubling over the last decade. Much of this expansion was supported by its open skies policy and the diversification of its tourism product.

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