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In today’s travel market, user-friendly websites are essential for guiding visitors to your destination and a must-have marketing tool for Destination Marketing Organizations. To keep the lively City of Buena Park competitive with other vacation hot spots available in Southern California, the Buena Park Convention & Visitors Bureau (BPCVB) has announced the launch of their brand new tourism website –

Launching a mere six weeks ago the BPCVB has already seen a significant rise in web visits, solicitation calls, visitor guide requests and e-newsletter registrations. “Since the website has launched, we have increased traffic by over 70 percent,” stated Sara Copping, executive director for the Buena Park Convention & Visitors Bureau. “I believe that increase can be directly linked to the website which now features a booking engine, calendar of events, downloadable traveler’s guide and multi-media.”

In the past year the BPCVB has undergone an extensive rebranding which includes a new logo, slogan, travel guide and destination video. The final link to their campaign was the website - which has proven to be a successful marketing tool.

Known as the attraction and entertainment capital of Southern California, Buena Park boasts four of Orange County\'s seven major attractions including America’s first theme park - Knott\'s Berry Farm®, Knott\'s Soak City Waterpark and two of the world\'s most interactive dinner shows - Pirate\'s Dinner Adventure and Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

As of July 2011, Buena Park is now home to the Orange County California Welcome Center. The California Welcome Center is the 20th Center in the state and the only one in Orange County. The Center offers personal, concierge-style service to visitors and locals alike, including traveler essentials like free brochures, free maps and directions, free computer and internet access, hotel reservations, discounted attraction tickets, dining recommendations, as well as a gift shop with snacks, beverages and souvenirs. The Center is located within the historic Stage Stop Hotel and open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information on the Buena Park Convention & Visitors Bureau or the California Welcome Center, contact Sara Copping at (714) 562-3650 or e-mail You can also visit their website at

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