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Ancient history, rich, colorful and extraordinary diverse culture, friendly people and wonderful nature - all these are in exotic mountain kingdom of Nepal

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Ancient history, rich, colorful and extraordinary diverse culture, friendly people and wonderful nature - all these are in exotic mountain kingdom of Nepal
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Kathmandu video Cities Kathmandu on map Kathmandu

Kathmandu - the capital and largest city of Nepal has never been in war. It accumulated treasures without spending and now they create a fabulous image of an eastern city


Gimalai video Mountains, caves, canons Gimalai on map Gimalai

The Gimalai is an ideal place for mountain trekking, climbing and gliding, because eight of the fourteen highest peaks of the world (above 8000 m) are concentrated here

Nepal, biking

Nepal, biking video Biking, bicycle tourism Nepal, biking on map Nepal, biking

Biking is very popular in Nepal - a huge choice of different level routes. It is possible to rent bicycles, helmets and other equipment in special points in Kathmandu and Pokhar

Nepal, bungy jumping

Nepal, bungy jumping video Events, Shows, amusement Nepal, bungy jumping on map Nepal, bungy jumping

This sport is comparatively new in Nepal, but the only one site for bungy jumping is considered to be among the best in the world. The site is located on the Bhote Koshi River

Nepal, entertainment

Nepal, entertainment video Events, Shows, amusement Nepal, entertainment on map Nepal, entertainment

Tourists will find a wide range of entertainment in Nepal - from exotic, like elephant’s football or buffalo races to traditional, like golf

Nepal, ethnography

Nepal, ethnography video Traditions and Crafts Nepal, ethnography on map Nepal, ethnography

Among the inhabitants of Nepal there are representatives of 40 different ethnic groups, mostly belonging to the Indo-European and Tibeto-Burman linguistic groups

Nepal, handicraft

Nepal, handicraft video Traditions and Crafts Nepal, handicraft on map Nepal, handicraft

Unique souvenirs are made in Nepal - a variety of bronze casting - figures of Buddha, deities of Buddhist and Tantric pantheon of different size and quality

Nepal, landscape

Nepal, landscape video Mountains, caves, canons Nepal, landscape on map Nepal, landscape

Difference in height between the extreme southern and northern points of Nepal reaches 8600 m, that causes a rapid changeability of natural landscapes

Nepal, mountaineering

Nepal, mountaineering video Extreme tourism and Walking Nepal, mountaineering on map Nepal, mountaineering

Nepal is Mecca of mountaineering – here is the most desired goal of any climber, the world's highest peak, Mount Everest(8 848m). A great choice of other different level routes

Nepal, nature

Nepal, nature video Nature Nepal, nature on map Nepal, nature

The nature of Nepal is extraordinarily diverse - from eternal glaciers on mountains tops to tropics and jungles on plains. A huge number of plants and animals are listed in IUCN Red List

Nepal, paraplan

Nepal, paraplan video Extreme tourism and Walking Nepal, paraplan on map Nepal, paraplan

The take off point for the majority of paraplan flights in Nepal is Sarankot that is at the height of 6000 feet. The descent is near the beautiful Fewa Lake. Skilled instructors

Nepal, people

Nepal, people video Community and politics Nepal, people on map Nepal, people

People of Nepal are open-hearted and very friendly. They are remarkably modest, both curious and like to chat

Nepal, rafting

Nepal, rafting video Rafting Nepal, rafting on map Nepal, rafting

Rafting in Nepal is a popular tourist destination for an average recreational kayaker or river runner. Most of the rivers have 2 - 4 class. No need to bring any equipment

Nepal, tourism

Nepal, tourism video Extreme tourism and Walking Nepal, tourism on map Nepal, tourism

Nepal seems to be created for admirers of extreme tourism: mountain climbing, biking, rafting, gliding, etc

Safari in Nepal

Safari in Nepal  video Hunting and safari Safari in Nepal  on map Safari in Nepal

There are 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal. Ride on elephant back or jeep-safari give the opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural habitat

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