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Honduras - luxurious tropical nature, ancient Mayan cities and endless beaches. Tourists enjoy: ecotourism, inexpensive diving, hiking, historical tours, hunting

Republic of Honduras is a country in Central America, bordering with Nicaragua - to the south, Guatemala - to the west, El Salvador - to the south-west. It is washed by waters of the Caribbean Gulf of Honduras to the north and east and by the Pacific Ocean – to the south-west. Capital - the city of Tegucigalpa.
80% of the country’s territory is mountainous, lowlands are located mainly along the coast. The climate is tropical trade wind. Seasonal temperature changes are insignificant. Average temperatures in lowlands -from +22 ° C to +26 ° C, and from +10 ° C to +22 °C - in highlands. Destructive tropical hurricanes are often in the region.
The coast of the Gulf of Honduras is covered by banana plantations. In the northeast there are lowland jungles of La Mosquito and the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site - Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve. A large number of wild animals, including rare for Central America species are found throughout Honduras.
First state formations appeared on the territory of modern Honduran about X th century BC. In the II-th century BC. Maya Indians ousted local Indian tribes to less fertile mountain slopes. In 1502 Columbus discovered this land for Europeans. Since 1859 the country has its modern appearance. Today, Honduras is a sunny, hospitable country; travelling here is not only interesting and pleasant, but also safe and cheap. The main tourist destinations in Honduras: ecotourism, diving at Islas de la Bahia, rafting, excursions to ancient Mayan cities, and, finally, just a quiet relaxation on beautiful beaches of Roatan.

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