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Untouched natural world is the main "bait" for tourists. Guyana has huge waterfalls, extensive river systems, virgin tropical forests and savannahs full of wildlife

Guyana is a country, located on the north-east coast of South America, the northern part of which is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. To the west it shares borders with Venezuela, to the south - with Brazil, to the east - with Suriname.
The climate of the country is sub-equatorial. The country is considered to be one of the wettest on the earth. The most rainy seasons are from April to August and from November to January.The average temperature on the Atlantic coast is +27-32*C. To the south of the country daytime temperatures sometimes reach 40*C.
The official language is English, but residents speak a large number of local dialects.
Before the arrival of Europeans, this land belonged to Arawak Indians. At the end of the XV th century the Spaniards discovered the coast of Guyana, but they were not attracted by these swamp wetlands with an unhealthy climate. However, already in the XVIII-XIX centuries the territory becomes a point of interest of France, England and the Netherlands in the same time. In 1831, after a long struggle, it came to the United Kingdom, and gained the name of British Guiana. Today, Guyana is an independent parliamentary republic. A head of the state is a president, a leader of the party, which gained the most votes in Parliament elections .
Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, once was a capital of pirates and slave traders. Now, it is a cozy city, with well-preserved districts of colonial architecture buildings. Botanical and zoological gardens are worth a visit.
Modern Guyana has great potential in tourism. Ecotourism is the mainstream. The country is rich in relict forests, pristine waters. Vast wetlands are inhabited by numerous animals, many of which are endemic. Kaieteur Falls is a popular destination for hiking and horseback excursions.

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Georgetown or “Garden City of the Caribbean” is the capital of Guyana. City’s main income is from tourism: it attracts 86% visitors of the country.

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There are many options for active leisure in Guyana. Try climbing at Mt. Roraima, fishing at the Essequibo River and trekking in the Amazon Rainforest

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In Guyana you can only visit a park or go birdwatching, but also spend a few days in one of the friendly communities of the Amazon Rainforest.

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Despite looking like the Avatar screenshot, Guyana offers a lot of “civilized” entertainments: museums, shops, clubs and cafes with original cuisine

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Waterfalls in the Kaieteur National Park are worth seeing, especially the Kaieteur, which is 741 ft high – 5 times higher than Niagara Falls.

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