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Coastal islands of Guinea-Bissau are stunningly beautiful. Most of the territory is a low-lying plain, crossed by rivers. Interesting for fans of sea and river sport fishing

Guinea-Bissau (The Republic of Guinea-Bissau) is located on the west coast of Africa. Apart from mainland it includes the Bolama island and the Bijagos archipelago. It has borders with Senegal - to the north and Guinea - to the east and south-east. To the west it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.
Climate - sub-equatorial monsoonal with wet summers and dry winters. Average annual temperature of about +26 ° C.
Abundant rivers of the country (Jeba, Korubal, Balana) are navigable almost throughout the entire length.
Mangrove forests, growing along the coast, turn to deciduous-evergreen forests. High grass savannahs replace cut off forests. Mammals are mostly destroyed by men (there are some monkeys, hippos, otters, manatees), however, there are numerous birds remained.
First Europeans (Portuguese) appeared on the territory of modern Guinea-Bissau in 1446, but only in 1886 the borders of the Portuguese possessions were fixed. Since the early 1960's a war against a colonial regime the in the country began. September 10, 1974,Portugal has recognized an independence of Guinea-Bissau.
The head of state is a president, elected for an unlimited number of 5-year terms.
Official language - Portuguese, Aboriginal languages are also widespread.
Guinea-Bissau can not boast with a large variety of t nature and historical sights. First of all the country attracts fans of sport fishing (both sea and river). Nature lovers are attracted by picturesque plateau of the Fouta Djallon Highlands and Islands Bolama and Bijagos, where spend winter thousands of migratory birds.

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