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The Gambia attracts tourists by an opportunity to get unforgettable impressions of the unique culture of local population and rich fauna, to relax at the Atlantic coast resorts

The Republic of The Gambia is located in Western Africa, it is washed by waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Remains of first settlements on the River Gambia are dated back to some 750 years BC. Numerous African peoples, subordinated to powerful rulers of the Mali Empire in the Middle Ages, lived here from immemorial time. In the middle of the XV th century Portuguese sailors have reached a coast of Gambia, and then - English and French. The territory has become one of slave trade strongholds. Over time, Britain gained a dominant position here. In the XIX th century, it took control of all transactions in the Gambia River region, and the country was declared a British colony. In 1889, modern boundaries of the state had been established due to the Anglo-French treaty. Gambia has become an independent country in 1960, although many politicians and experts were doubted its viability: lack of natural resources, poor soils, seemed, did not leave hope for rapid development of the country. Nevertheless, an agricultural sector is actively developed in the Gambia today. Peanuts are still one of the main export crops, as it was in colonial past (the Gambia, even called “the Land of peanuts "). A development of foreign tourism also brings a considerable share of the country’s income. Despite of some internal difficulties (for example, an attempted military coup in 1981, a conflict with neighboring Senegal in 1982-1989), The Gambia is much more peaceful country than many other African states. Tourists are attracted here by an opportunity to get vivid, unforgettable impressions of the unique culture of the local population and rich fauna, to relax at the Atlantic coast resorts - the main ones of which are Bacau, Fajara, Kotu and Kololi, as well as fairly low prices.

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