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Gabon is a country of green valleys, mountain peaks and wonderful Atlantic Coast. The best time for visit is from May till September

Gabon (Gabonese Republic), a former colony of France, is located in Central Africa on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. To the north-west it is bordered with Equatorial Guinea, to the north - with Cameroon, to the east and south - with the Republic of Congo.
The climate is equatorial and sub-equatorial. The year is divided into four seasons: two rainy (from mid-January until May and from October until mid-December) and two dry - great winter (from May until September) and lesser summer (from December until January). Average annual temperature is about +26°C. Best time to visit the country - from May to September.
To the west of the country there are swamped coastal lowlands, width of 30-200 km, rising to the plateau and mountain ranges to the east. About 80% of the country’s territory are occupied by dense evergreen forests.
Republic of Gabon - is one of the richest and most stable countries in Africa. The official language of the country - French, but much of the population speaks languages of the Bantu group.
At the time when first Europeans (Portuguese) appeared in Gabon, there did not exist even embryos of nationhood. Local peoples lived in primitive - communal system. Since 1839, Gabon was a French colony. In 1960 the country gained independence.

Capital of the country - Libreville – is one of the most beautiful and civilized cities of the continent. There is the best in the Central Africa Museum of Art and Traditions. Another attraction is the church of Saint-Michel - famous for its magnificent architecture and a chorus, which uses national musical instruments, giving the unique coloring to services.
The best seaside resorts of the country are in the areas of Pointe-Denis and Equator Beach. There is everything for excellent holidays - beautiful beaches, numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and sports grounds. In the area of Port-Moe centers for water sports and entertainment are located. Here you can rent yacht, boat or canoe, equipment for windsurfing. Experienced instructors are at tourist service.

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