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Cape Verde - a wonderful beach vacations on the islands, a variety of water sports, trekking on mountain tops and interesting excursions

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Boa Vista

Boa Vista video Islands, archipelagos Boa Vista on map Boa Vista

Boa Vista Island - comfortable hotels, white sandy beaches and dunes, coconut plantations and oases with date palms. Excellent diving


Brava video Islands, archipelagos Brava on map Brava

At the small island of Brava, besides the magnificent beaches and hotels, tourists enjoy a huge variety of blossoming plants

Cape Verde carnival

Cape Verde carnival video Traditions and Crafts Cape Verde carnival on map Cape Verde carnival

The most joyous festival in Cape Verde is the February carnival, held in Praia and Mindelo and quite comparable in brilliance with world famous Brazil carnival


Fogo video Islands, archipelagos Fogo on map Fogo

Fogo is an active volcano located on the same name island. The last eruption occurred on the 2nd of April 1995. A small village is located inside the crater


Maio video Islands, archipelagos Maio on map Maio

Maio was discovered in 1460 - the first in the archipelago. The main attraction of the island - amazingly beautiful white sand beaches


Sal video Islands, archipelagos Sal on map Sal

Sal - silk sand beaches, an emerald green water, excellent hotels and restaurants, amazing fish cuisine, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, friendly locals, security, rough night life

Sal, resort

Sal, resort video World Resorts Sal, resort on map Sal, resort

Sal resort - is a rare combination of high level service and primeval nature. It is one of the world's centres of windsurfing and sport fishing


Santiago video Islands, archipelagos Santiago on map Santiago

Santiago - the largest island of the country. Rich nature - bananas, papaya, mango, dates, coconuts, and even the world's largest baobab in the unique botanical garden

Santo Antao

Santo Antao video Islands, archipelagos Santo Antao on map Santo Antao

Feedback from tourists - Santo Antao is the most beautiful island of Cape Verde and the most attractive for trekking admirers

Sao Nicolau

Sao Nicolau video Islands, archipelagos Sao Nicolau on map Sao Nicolau

The island attracts tourists by beautiful beaches and an opportunity for water and mountain sports. For many years Sao Nicolau was the cultural capital of the archipelago

Sao Vicente

Sao Vicente video Islands, archipelagos Sao Vicente on map Sao Vicente

The island of poets and musicians, Sao Vicente offers excellent examples of colonial architecture and plenty of lively festivals and carnivals

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