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North East England, SR1 3SD Sunderland, Chester Road

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1992
Students: 20365

Courses: 3D Design Innovation, 3D Design Innovation, Accounting and Financial Management, Advanced Practice, Advanced Professional Practice, Advancing Pedagogy, Advertising and Design, American Studies, American Studies, Animation and Design, Animation and Design, Applied Business Computing, Applied Family Studies, Applied Family Studies, Applied Management, Applied Management, Art and Design, Automotive Design and Technology, Automotive Engineering, Biomechanics of Human Movement, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Broadcast Journalism, Buddhist Studies, Business Administration, Business and Human Resource Management, Business and Management, Business and Management, Business and Operations Management, Business and Retail Management, Business Computing, Business Management, Business Studies, Career Guidance, Career Guidance, Ceramics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Childhood Studies, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Physiology, Coaching for Organisational Excellence, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Recovery in Psychosis and Complex Mental Health, Community Health, Community Health, Community Health, Computer Applications, Computer Systems Engineering, Computing, Computing, Contemporary History and Politics, Contemporary Performance Practice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Criminology, Criminology, Cultural and Heritage Tourism Development Scheme, Cultural Tourism Development, Curating, Dance, Dance, Dance / Drama / Music, Design and Technology, Design and Technology, Design and Technology - Food Textiles, Design and Technology Education: 11-18 years, Design and Technology Education: 11-18 years, Design Studies, Design: Multimedia and Graphics, Design: Multimedia and Graphics, Drama, Drama, E-Technology for Business, Early Childhood Education, Ecotourism Development, Education, Education, Education, Education and Curriculum Studies, Education and Training, Education Teaching and Learning with ICT, Education: Generic, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Management, English, English, English and Creative Writing, English and Drama, English And Film, English Education: 11-18 years, English Language and Linguistics, English Language and Linguistics, English Language and Literature, English Studies, English Studies, English Studies, Enterprise in Biotechnolgy, Environment, Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Environmental Management and Assessment - Health and Safety Strand, Events Management, Film and Cultural Studies, Film and Media, Fine Art, Fine Art, Forensic and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Forensic Computing, Gender, Tourism and Development, Geography, Geography, Geography Education: 11-18 years, Glass, Glass and Ceramics, Graphic Communication, Graphic Design, Health and Social Care, Health Information Management, Heritage Tourism Development, History, History, History, Human Resource Management, Illustration and Design, Illustration and Design, Industrial Practice, Information Systems Engineering, Information Technology Education: 11-18 years, Information Technology Management, Information Technology Systems Architectures, International Management, International Public and Private Law, International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Internet Engineering, Interprofessional Practice Education with Advanced Award in Social Work, IT Application Development, Journalism, Journalism, Journalism, Journalism Studies, Law, Law, Law, Learning Technology, Leisure Management, Management of Long Term Conditions, Marketing, Mathematics Education: 11-18 years, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Media and Cultural Studies, Media Production, Media Production, Media Production - Television and Radio, Media Production - Television and Video, Media Production - Video and New Media, Media Writing - Film, TV and Radio, Media, Culture and Communication, Medicines Management, Modern Foreign Language - French, Modern Foreign Language - French, Modern Foreign Language - German, Modern Foreign Language - German, Modern Foreign Language - Spanish, Modern Foreign Language - Spanish, Multimedia Computing, Multimedia Games, Music, Music, Network Computing, Network Systems, Network Systems, New Route, News Journalism, Nursing, Performing Arts, Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and Medicines Management, Pharmacy, Photography, Photography, Photography, Photography, Video and Digital Imaging, Podiatry, Politics, Politics, Prescribing Sciences, Primary Education, Product Design, Professional IT Management, Project Management, Psychological Studies, Psychological Studies, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology, Public Relations, Public Relations, Radio - Management and Production, Science Education: 11-18 years, Service Sector Management, Social Work, Sociology, Sociology, Software Engineering, Software Engineering, Sound and Music Technology, Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Sport, Sport, Sport and Exercise Development, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Sport Studies, Sports Coaching, Sports Journalism, Sports Management, Teaching and Learning in HE, Teaching and Learning with ICT, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Telecommunications and Network Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, The Customised Modular Scheme, The Customised Modular Scheme, The Customised Modular Scheme, The Customised Modular Scheme, Tourism, Tourism, Tourism Development, Tourism Enterprise, Web and Security Technologies, World Literatures.

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