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Scotland, FK9 4LA Stirling, University Rd

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1967
Students: 8940

Courses: Accountancy, Advanced Computing, Advanced Social Work Studies in Criminal Justice, Advanced Studies in the Management of Social Welfare Organisations, Animal Biology, Applied Social Research, Aquaculture, Aquaculture, Aquaculture and Development, Aquaculture and the Environment, Aquaculture Business Management, Aquaculture Nutrition, Aquaculture Systems, Aquatic Pathobiology, Aquatic Resource Development, Aquatic Veterinary Studies, Banking and Finance, Biology, Business Administration, Business and Management, Business Computing, Business Law, Business Studies, Commercial Law, Computing Science, Conservation Biology, Conservation Management, Conservation Science, Conservation Science with Education, Crime and Society, Dementia Studies, Ecology, Economics, Economics, Educational Research, English as a Foreign Language, English Language Teaching, English Studies, English Studies, Enhanced Cancer Care Practice, Enhanced Care Practice of Progressive Conditions, Enhanced Palliative Care Practice, Environmental Geography, Environmental Geography and Professional Education, Environmental History, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Science and Outdoor Education, European Film and Media, European Social Policy, Film and Media Studies, Finance, Finance, French, Freshwater Science, Global Cinema, Gothic Imagination, Health Psychology, Historical Research, History, Housing Studies, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Humanities, Information Systems, Information Systems Management, Information Technology, Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, International Conflict and Cooperation, International Management and Intercultural Studies, International Management Studies with European Languages and Society, International Policing: Peace Support Operations, International Publishing Management, International Tourism Management, Internet Technologies for E-business, Investment Analysis, Journalism Studies, Knowledge and Mind, Law, Law, Legal and Political Philosophy, Lifelong Learning for Regional Development, Management, Management, Management for Tertiary Education, Management Science, Marine Biology, Marketing, Marketing, Mathematics and its Applications, Midwifery, Modern Languages, Money, Banking and Finance with French, Nursing, Philosophy, Philosophy, Computing Science, Psychology, Politics, Politics (International Politics), Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Professional Enquiry, Psychology, Psychology, Public Management and Administration, Retail Marketing, Retailing, River Basin Management, School Leadership and Management, Scottish History, Social Services Management, Social Work, Social Work Studies, Sociology and Social Policy, Software Engineering, Spanish, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Studies, Sports Studies, Sports Studies, Physical Education and Professional Education, Sustainable Development, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Technology Enhanced Learning, Tertiary Education, Textual Culture, Tourism Management, Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing.

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