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South East England, PO1 2UP Portsmouth, Winston Churchill Avenue

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1869
Students: 20230

Courses: Accountancy Studies, Accounting, Accounting and Business, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting with Finance, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Professional Development In Clinical And Health Science, Advanced Professional Practice In Health And Social Care, American Studies, American Studies and History, Animation, Applied Computing, Applied Computing, Applied Economics, Applied Languages, Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Applied Psychology of Intellectual Disabilities, Applied Science, Applied Science, Architecture, Architecture, Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Biology, Biology - Extended Chichester, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science - Extended Chichester, Biomedicine, Building Services Technology, Business, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration - Executive, Business and Computer Studies, Business and Computer Studies, Business and Management, Business and Management, Business Economics, Business Economics, Business Economics with Business Law, Business Economics with E-Banking, Business Economics, Finance and Banking, Business Enterprise Development, Business Information Systems, Business Information Technology, Business Management, Business Studies, Business with English, Child Forensic Studies - Psychology and Law, Childhood and Youth Studies, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Practice, Civil Engineering with Earthquake Engineering, Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering, Clinical Health Science, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Physiology, Coaching and Development, Coastal and Marine Resource Management, Combined Modern Languages, Combined Studies, Combined Studies, Combined Studies, Combined Studies, Communication and English Studies, Communication and Language Skills, Communication Design, Communication Network Planning and Management, Communication Systems Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering, Communications Engineering, Community Justice Studies, Community Pharmacy, Computer Aided Product Design, Computer Animation, Computer Animation, Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Games Technology, Computer Games Technology, Computer Network Administration And Management, Computer Network Management and Design, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Computing and Information Systems, Computing and Society, Construction Engineering Management, Construction Project Management, Contaminated Land, Corporate Governance and Law, Corporate Governance and Law, Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies, Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies, Creative and Computational Sound, Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Creative and Cultural Leadership, Creative and Performing Arts, Creative Computing Technologies, Creative Technologies and Enterprise, Creative Technologies and Enterprise, Creative Writing, Creative Writing and Drama, Crime and Criminology, Criminology and Applied Research, Criminology and Community Safety, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminology and Criminal Psychology, Criminology and Forensic Studies, Cultural and Tourism Management, Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy, Design for Digital Media, Diagnostic Radiography, Diagnostic Radiography - Extended, Digital Forensics, Digital Media, Digital Media, Digital Video Technologies, Directing and Writing for Performance, E-Business, Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences - Extended Chichester, Ecommerce and Internet Systems, Economic and Business Forecasting, Economics, Economics for Business, Economics, Finance and Banking, Ecotourism, Education and Training, Education and Training Management, Educational Studies, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics with Business English, Emergency Care Practice, Engineering, Engineering, Engineering and Management, Engineering and Management Studies, Engineering Geology, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics - Extended Chichester, Engineering Studies, English and American Studies, English and Creative Writing, English and Drama, English and Film Studies, English and History, English and Media Studies, English Language and Literature, English Literature, English Literature, English Studies, English with Psychology, Enterprise in Computer Games Technology, Enterprise in Entertainment Technology, Enterprise in Product Design, Entertainment Technology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Forensics, Environmental Hazards, Environmental Hazards - Extended Chichester, Environmental Science, European Business - UK To France, European Business - UK To Germany, European Business - UK To Spain, European Law and Policy, European Law and Policy - Hebo / Haagse Hogeschool, European Social Work, European Studies, European Studies, European Studies and International Relations, Evidence-Based Health, Fashion Textiles Enterprise, Film and Television Studies, Film Studies and Creative Writing, Film Studies and Drama, Film Studies and Entertainment Technology, Finance, Finance and Business, Finance with Business English, Financial Decision Analysis, Fine Art, Fine Art, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Biology, Forensic Biology and Biochemistry, Forensic Biology and Biomolecular Science, Forensic Information Technology, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Psychology, French Studies, Genome Science, Geographical Information Science, Geographical Information Systems, Geography, Geography, Geohazard Assessment, Geological Hazards, Geological Hazards - Extended Chichester, Geology, Geology - Extended Chichester, German Studies, Gerontological Practice, Graphic Design, Health and Safety Management, Heritage and Museum Studies, Historic Building Conservation, History, History, History and Politics, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management with Tourism, Human Geography, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management with Psychology, Illustration, Information Technology, Interior Design, International Business and English, International Business English, International Business Studies, International Criminal Justice, International Finance and Trade, International Human Resource Management, International Journalism and Languages, International Relations, International Relations and English, International Relations and History, International Relations and Languages, International Relations and Politics, International Trade and English, International Trade, Logistics and English, Internet Engineering, Internet Systems Development, Internet Technology, Journalism and English Language, Journalism and English Literature, Journalism and History, Journalism and International Relations, Journalism and Media Studies, Languages and American Studies, Languages and Creative Writing, Languages and European Studies, Languages and Film Studies, Languages and International Trade, Latin American Development Studies, Law, Law, Law and Criminology, Law and European Studies, Law and International Relations, Law with Business, Law with Business English, Leadership and Management, Learning and Teaching, Logistics and Business English, Logistics and Optimisation, Logistics and Transportation, Marine Biology, Marine Biology with Polluted Ecosystems, Marine Environmental Science, Marine Environmental Science - Extended Chichester, Marine Resource Economics, Marine Sports Technology, Maritime Studies, Maritime Studies, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing - Digital Media, Marketing Analysis, Marketing Management, Marketing with Business English, Marketing with Psychology, Mathematics.

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