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South East England, TW20 0EX Egham, Egham Hill

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1985
Students: 6680

Courses: Ancient History, Ancient History, Classical Art and Archaeology and Classics, Applied Physics, Asia Pacific Business, Astrophysics, Astrophysics, Biology with Psychology, British Theatre Culture, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Classical Art and Archaeology, Classics, Classics, Computer Science, Computer Science and Physics, Computer Science by Research, Creative Writing, Criminology and Sociology, Crusader Studies, Cultural Geography, Democracy, Politics and Governance, Documentary by Practice, Drama and Music, Economics, Economics, Economics, Economics with Music, English, English Literature, Environmental Analysis and Assessment, Environmental Geology, Environmental Geoscience, European Business, European Politics, European Studies, Feature Film Screenwriting, Film and Television Studies, Financial and Business Economics, Financial and Industrial Economics, French and Music, French with Music, Geography, Geography with Environmental Archaeology, Geography, Politics and International Relations, Geology, Geology and Astrophysics, Geology and Biology, Geology and Computing, Geology and Mathematics, Geology and Physical Geography, Geology by Research, Geology with Science Communication, Geoscience, Geoscience with a year of International Study, German and Music, German with Music, Global Politics, Greek Theatre Performance, Health Care Systems and International Health Policy, History, History and International Relations, History and Music, History of Political Thought and Intellectual History, History, Literature and Culture, Holocaust Studies, Human Geography, Information Security, International Accounting, International Law and Politics, International Management, International Relations, International Relations Theory, Italian and Music, Italian with Music, Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, Leadership and Management in Health, Literatures of Modernity, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Music, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Psychology, Mathematics for Applications, Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications, Media Arts, Media Sociology, Medical Sociology, Medicine, Medieval Studies, Music, Music and Psychology, Music with French, Music with German, Music with Italian, Music with Management Studies, Music with Philosophy, Music with Political Studies, Music with Social Policy, Music with Spanish, Nanophysics and Low Temperature Physics, New Political Communication, Organizations, Change and Leadership, Physical Geography, Physics, Physics, Physics Research, Physics with Management, Physics with Music, Physics with Particle Physics, Physics with Philosophy, Physics with Science Communication, Poetic Practice, Political Research, Political Theory, Politics, Politics and International Relations, Politics with Philosophy, Practising Sustainable Development, Producing, Psychology, Psychology, Quaternary Science, Research, Research in Biological Sciences, Screenwriting for TV and Film, Shakespeare, Social Work, Sociology with Music, Spanish with Music, Sustainability and Management, Theatre, Theatre Applied Drama, Theatre Directing, Theatre Physical Theatre and Performance, Theatre Playwriting, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Victorian Media and Culture, Women, Gender, Culture.

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