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Yorkshire and the Humber, LS2 9JT Leeds, Woodhouse La

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1831
Students: 33920

Courses: Accounting - Computing, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Management, Accounting: Law, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Arabic - Chinese, Arabic - Classical Literature, Arabic - English, Arabic - French, Arabic - German, Arabic - Greek Civilization, Arabic - International Development, Arabic - International Relations, Arabic - Italian, Arabic - Japanese, Arabic - Linguistics, Arabic - Management, Arabic - Politics, Arabic - Portuguese, Arabic - Roman Civilisation, Arabic - Russian, Arabic - Russian Civilisation, Arabic - Spanish, Arabic - Theology and Religious Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, Architectural Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Artificial Intelligence - Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence - Music, Artificial Intelligence - Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence - Physics, Asia Pacific Studies, Asia Pacific Studies - Chinese, Asia Pacific Studies - Economics, Asia Pacific Studies - French, Asia Pacific Studies - German, Asia Pacific Studies - History, Asia Pacific Studies - International Relations, Asia Pacific Studies - Japanese, Asia Pacific Studies - Management, Asia Pacific Studies - Politics, Asia Pacific Studies - Russian Civilisation, Asia Pacific Studies - Spanish, Asian Pacific Studies - French, Audiology, Automotive Engineering, Aviation Technology and Management, Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies, Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies, Biochemistry, Biochemistry - Chemistry, Biochemistry - Food Science, Biochemistry with Molecular Biology, Biological Sciences, Biology, Biology - Chemistry, Biology - Food Science, Biology - History and Philosophy of Science, Biology - Management, Biology - Mathematics, Biology - Statistics, Biology- Chemistry, Biotechnology, Broadcast Journalism, Business and Financial Economics, Business Economics, Chemistry - Computer Science, Chemistry - Pharmacology, Chemistry - Physics, Chemistry and French, Childhood, Education and Culture, Chinese - English, Chinese - Geography, Chinese - International Development, Chinese - International Relations, Cinema and Photography, Civil and Environmental Engeneering, Clasical Civilisation, Classical Literature - English, Classical Literature - French, Classics, Clinical Physiology - Cardiology, Cognitive Science, Colour and Polymer Chemistry, Communications Studies, Computer Science, Computer Science - Mathematics, Computer Science - Physics, Computer Science - Statistics, Computing, Computing - French, Computing - Music, Computing for Business, Contemporary Art Practice, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies - French, Cultural Studies - German, Cultural Studies - Italian, Cultural Studies - Japanese, Cultural Studies - Portuguese, Cultural Studies - Russian, Cultural Studies - Russian Civilisation, Cultural Studies - Thai and South East Asian Studies, Dance, Dentistry, Earth System Science, Ecology and Environmental Biology, Economics, Economics - French, Economics - Geography, Economics - German, Economics - History, Economics - Italian, Economics - Italian, Economics - Mathematics, Economics - Philosophy, Economics - Politics, Economics - Russian, Economics - Russian Civilisation, Economics - Spanish, Economics - Statistics, Economics - Thai and South East Asian Studies, Economics and Management, Economics with Transport Studies, Electronic and Communications Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electronics and Nanotechnology, Energy And Environmental Engineering, English, English - French, English - German, English - Greek Civilisation, English - Greek Civilisation, English - History, English - History of Art, English - History of Art, English - Italian, English - Italian, English - Japanese, English - Japanese, English - Latin, English - Linguistics, English - Music, English - Philosophy, English - Portuguese, English - Roman Civilisation, English - Russian, English - Russian Civilisation, English - Social Policy, English - Sociology, English - Spanish, English - Thai and South East Asian Studies, English - Theology and Religious Studies, English Language, English Language / Literature, English Literature and Theatre Studies, Environment and Business, Environment and Business International, Environment and Transport Planning, Environment Management, Environmental Biogeoscience, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Geology, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Sustainability, European Politics, European Studies, European Studies - French, European Studies - German, European Studies - Italian, European Studies - Portuguese, European Studies - Spanish, European Studies - Spanish, European Studies - Spanish, European Union Studies with Law, Fashion Design, Fine Art, Fire and Explosion, Food Management, Food Science, Food Science - Microbiology, Food Studies and Nutrition, French, French - German, French - Greek Civilisation, French - History, French - History and Philosophy of Science, French - History of Art, French - International Development, French - International Development, French - International Relations, French - Italian, French - Japanese, French - Latin, French - Law, French - Linguistics, French - Management, French - Mathematics, French - Middle Eastern Studies, French - Music, French - Philosophy, French - Physics, French - Politics, French - Portuguese, French - Roman Civilisation, French - Russian, French - Russian, French - Russian Civilisation, French - Social Policy, French - Sociology, French - South East Asian Studies, French - Spanish, French - Statistics, French -Theology and Religious Studies, Genetics, Genetics - Human, Geography, Geography - Geology, Geography - History, Geography - History and Philosophy of Science, Geography - Italian, Geography - Management, Geography - Mathematics, Geography - Politics, Geography - Russian, Geography - Russian, Geography - Russian Civilisation, Geography - Social Policy, Geography - Sociology, Geography - Statistics, Geography with Transport Planning, Geological Sciences, Geophysical Sciences, German, German - History, German - History and Philosophy of Science, German - History of Art, German - International Relations, German - Italian, German - Japanese, German - Linguistics, German - Management, German - Mathematics, German - Music, German - Philosophy, German - Physics, German - Politics, German - Portuguese, German - Russian, German - Russian Civilisation, German - Social Policy, German - Sociology, German - Spanish, German - Statistics, German - Theology and Religious Studies, Graphic and Communication Design, Greek, Greek - History, History, History - History and Philosophy of Science, History - History of Art, History - Italian, History - Latin, History - Music, History - Philosophy, History - Portuguese, History - Roman Civilisation, History - Russian, History - Russian Civilisation, History - Social Policy, History - Sociology, History - South East Asian Studies, History - Theology and Religious Studies, History and Philosophy of Science - History of Art, History and Philosophy of Science - Physics, History of Art, History of Art - Italian, History of Art - Music, History of Art - Philosophy, History of Art - Sociology, History of Art - Spanish, History of Art - Theology and Religious Studies, History of Art with Museum Studies, Human Physiology, Human Resource Management, Interdisciplinary Science, International Development, International Development - Italian, International Development - Japanese, International Development - Portuguese, International Development - Russian, International Development - Russian, International Development - Russian Civilisation, International Development - South East Asian Studies, International Development - Spanish, International Development - Thai and South East Asian Studies, International History and Politics, International Relations, International Relations - Italian, International Relations - Japanese, International Relations - Portuguese, International Relations - Russian, International Relations - Russian Civilisation, International Relations - South East Asian Studies, International Relations - Spanish, International Relations - Thai and South East Asian Studies, Islamic Studies, Italian - Management, Italian - Music, Japanese - Management, Management, Management - Mathematics, Management - Philosophy, Management - Portuguese, Management - Russian, Management - Russian Civilisation, Management - Spanish, Management with Marketing, Management with Transport Studies, Managing Performance, Mathematics - Music, Mathematics - Physics, Mathematics and Finance, Mathematics with Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, Medical Physics, Medical Sciences, Medicine, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Microbiology, Microbiology with Imunology, Microbiology with Virology, Middle Eastern Studies, Middle Eastern Studies - Politics, Middle Eastern Studies - Sociology, Midwifery, Midwifery, Music, Music, Music - Philosophy, Music - Philosophy, Music - Psychology, Music - Theology and Religious Studies, Music, Multimedia and Electronics, Nanotechnology, Natural Sciences, Neuroscience, New Media, Nursing - Adult, Nursing - Child, Performance Design, Pharmacology, Philosophy - Physics, Physics, Physics and Astrophysics, Physics and Foundation Studies, Physics and Nanotechnology, Physics with Foundation Studies, Popular and World Musics, Printing, Packaging and Graphics, Product Design, Radiography - Diagnostic, Social Science, Social Work, Sports Science - Outdoor Activities, Sports Science and Psysiology, Television Production, Textile Design, Theatre and Performance, Theoretical Physics, Zoology, Zoology - Animal Science.

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