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Yorkshire and the Humber, YO11 3AZ Scarborough, Filey Road

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1915
Students: 15645

Courses: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Analytical and Forensic Chemistry, Applied Ethics, Applied Social Research, Automatic Control, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, British Cinema, Business and Management, Business Management, Business Management and IT, Business Management and IT with Professional Experience, Chemistry, Chemistry with Biotechnology, Chemistry with Nanotechnology, Coastal Marine Biology, Computer Graphics Programming, Computer Music, Contemporary Literature and Film, Creative Music Technology, Creative Music Technology, Creative Music Technology and Design for Digital Media, Creative Music Technology with Business Management, Creative Writing, Criminology, Criminology and Human Rights, Design for Digital Media, Digital Media Studies, Diversity, Culture and Identity, e-Learning - Education, Early Childhood Education, Ecology, Economics, Economics and Business, Education, Education, Education Studies, Educational Studies with Early Childhood Studies, Educational Studies with English Studies, Educational Studies with Environmental Science, Educational Studies with Information and Communications Technology, Electronic Engineering, Embedded Systems, English and Theatre, Performance Studies, English Literature and Culture, English with Educational Studies, English: Identities, Environmental Science, Environmental Technology, Estuarine and Coastal Science and Management, European Public Law, European Union Governance, Executive MBA, Financial Management, Fish Marketing, Fisheries Policy and Planning, Fisheries Science, Games Programming, Gender and Development, Gender Research, Gender Studies, General Management, GIS and Envrionmental Modelling, Global Aquatic Biodiversity:Monitoring and Conservation, Global Political Economy, Globalisation and Governance, Health and Social Care, Health Professional Studies, Historical Studies, History of Political Discourse: 1500-1800, Human Geography, Human Rights and Criminology, Inclusive Education, International Business, International Business, International Business Law, International Business with Professional Experience, International Human Rights Law, International Law, International Law and Politics, International Politics, International Tourism Management, Internet and the New Economy, Internet Computing, Knowledge Management, Landscape Archaeology, Language Learning and Technology, Laser Applications in Micro-Machining and Processing, Leadership and Learning, Leadership and Learning: Action Learning, Legislative Studies, LLM - dual, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture, Maritime History, Maritime Security, Marketing and Communications Management, Marketing Management, Media Performance, Medical Engineering, Medieval Vernacular Language and Literature, Medieval Vernacular Language and Literature, Modelling & Simulation for Medical Engineering, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Modern Languages, Modern Slavery Studies, Music, Music Technology and Computing, NET Distributed Systems Development, Nineteenth-Century Studies, Philosophy of Mind and Body, Physical Geography, Political Philosophy, Popular Music, Primary Teaching, Primary Teaching with Biological Studies, Primary Teaching with English, Primary Teaching with Mathematics, Radio Systems and Logistics Technology, Radio Systems Engineering, Research, Research Methods in Psychology, Restorative Justice, Social Work, Sonic Arts, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Leisure Management, Sport and Leisure Management with Professional Experience, Strategy and International Security, Surgery: Colorectal, Surgery: Science, Research and Education, Sustainable Resource Management, Systems Thinking, TESOL, Theatre and Contemporary Practice, Theatre and Dance, Theatre and Design for Digital Media, Theatre and English, Theatre and Performance, Theology, Tourism Management, Tourism Management with Professional Experience, Translation Studies, Translation Studies with TESOL, Web Design and Development, Web Design and Development with Industrial Experience, Women and Literature in English, Women, Gender and Literature.

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