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Yorkshire and the Humber, HD1 3DH Huddersfield, Queensgate

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1844
Students: 19420

Courses: 3D Design: Fine Products and Entrepreneurship, 3D Digital Design, 3D Digital Design, Accountancy, Accountancy and Finance, Accountancy: Financial Services, Accountancy: International, Advanced Computer Science, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Advertising and Media Relations, Advertising Media and Design Management, Air Transport and Logistics Management, Analytical Bioscience, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Criminology: Criminal and Community Justice, Applied Sciences, Architectural Foundation, Architectural Foundation, Architectural Technology, Architecture, Architecture: Urban Design, Art and Design, Automotive Design, Automotive Design, Automotive Design and Technology, Automotive System Design and Analysis, Automotive Technology, Behavioural Science, Biochemistry, Biology: Molecular and Cellular, Business Administration, Business Administration and Management, Business Administration with Hospitality Management, Business and Journalism, Business and Psychology, Business Information Management, Business Information Technology, Business Law, Business Management, Business Project Management, Business Studies, Business Studies with Environmental Management, Business with Design, Business with Financial Services, Chemistry, Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Child Welfare and Safeguarding, Community Studies, Community Studies and International Development, Community Studies with Advice and Guidance, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Design for Textile Designers, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Composition, Computer Control Systems, Computer Control Systems, Computer Games Design, Computer Games Programming, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and its Management, Computing, Computing and Internet Systems, Computing in Business, Computing Science, Computing Studies, Construction and Project Management, Costume with Textiles, Counselling, Creative Imaging, Creative Imaging: Advertising, Creative Imaging: Graphic Design, Creative Imaging: Illustration, Creative Marketing, Creative Music Technology, Criminology, Criminology - Applied: Crim and Comm Justice, Criminology and Politics, Culture, Media and Society, Design Management and Marketing, Digital Film and Visual Effects Production, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Media Production, Drama, Drama, Drama - Ensemble Physical Theatre: Training and Performance, Drama - Writing for Performance, Drama and English, E-Business, E-Business, e-Entrepreneurship, e-Governance, e-Learning and Innovation Management, Early Primary Education with/without Qualified Teacher Status, Education in Development, Education Studies, Education: Human Resource Development, Educational and Children’s Publishing, Electronic and Computer Based Systems Design, Electronic Design, Electronic Design, Electronic Design, Electronics and Music Technology, Embedded Systems Engineering, Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation, Engineering Design and its Management, Engineering Design: Mechanical, Engineering Design: Mechanical, Engineering with Technology Management: Electronic and Electrical, Engineering with Technology Management: Mechanical, English, English and History, English and Media, English Language, English Language and Creative Writing, English Language with a Modern Language, English Language with Creative Writing, English Language with Journalism, English Literature, English Literature and Creative Writing, English Literature with a Modern Language, English Literature with Creative Writing, English Literature with Journalism, English Studies, English with a Modern Language, English with Creative Writing, English with Journalism, Ensemble Physical Theatre: Training and Performance, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Business, European Business, European Logistics Management, Events Management, Exercise, Physical Activity and Health, Exhibition and Retail Design, Fashion and Textile Buying, Fashion and Textile Management, Fashion and Textile Retailing, Fashion Design, Fashion Design with Manufacturing Marketing and Promotion, Fashion Design with Textiles, Fashion Media and Promotion, Fine Art with Community Education, Fine Art with Contemporary Writing, Fine Art: Painting and Drawing, Food and Nutrition, Food Nutrition and Health, Global Business and Logistics Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Global Marketing, Global Politics and International Business, Graphic Design, Health and Community Studies, Health and Social Care, Health and Social Welfare, Health Professional Education, History, History, History and Law, History and Politics, History with a Modern Language, History with Journalism, History with Museum and Heritage Studies, History with Sociology, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management with a Modern Language, Human Biology, Human Resource Management, Humanities, Information and Communication Technology, Information and Communication Technology with Criminology, Information Systems Management, Innovation and Branding, Innovation and Creative Enterprise, Innovation for the Digital Future, Innovation for the Digital Future, Innovation with Entrepreneurial Studies, Innovation with Entrepreneurial Studies, Interaction Design, Interactive Arts, Interactive Multimedia, Interactive Sound Design, Interactive Toy and Game Design, Interior Design, International Business, International Business Management, International Hospitality Management, International Marketing, International Marketing, International Studies, Internet Systems Development, Law, Law and Accountancy, Law and Marketing, Logistics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and Operations Management, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Marketing with a Modern Language, Marketing with PR, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Media and Film Journalism, Media and Music Journalism, Media and Print Journalism, Media and Radio Journalism, Media and Sports Journalism, Media and Television Production, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biology, Medical Genetics, Microbial Sciences, Midwifery, Midwifery Studies, Modern English Language, Motor Sport Technology, Motorsport Engineering, Motorsport Engineering, Multimedia Computing, Multimedia Technology and Design, Multimedia with Options, Music, Music and Journalism, Music Production and Sound Recording, Music Technology, Music Technology and Audio Systems, Music Technology and Digital Media, Music Technology and Popular Music, Music Technology Software Development, Music with a Modern Language, Music with Drama, Music with English, Music with History, Music, Media and Promotion, Music: Composition, Music: Contemporary Music Performance, Music: Contemporary Music Studies, Music: Musicology, Music: Performance, Music: Performance Studies, New Media Innovation, Nursing Studies Adult, Learning Disability, Child or Mental Health, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Nutrition and Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Photography, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Politics, Politics and Law, Politics with Contemporary History / Media / Sociology, Popular Music, Popular Music and Promotion, Popular Music Production, Popular Music Production, Product Design, Product Design, Product Design: 3D Animation, Product Design: Sustainable Design, Product Innovation Design and Development, Psychological Studies, Psychology, Psychology with Counselling, Psychology with Criminology, Public Relations with Media, Religion and Education, Retail Management, Retailing, Risk, Disaster and Environmental Management, Science Foundation, Secure and Forensic Computing, Smart Design, Smart Design, Social Research and Evaluation, Social Research and Evaluation Social Work, Social Work, Sociology, Sociology with Criminology, Software Development Courses, Software Engineering, Spatial Design, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sport and Exercise Studies, Sports Biology, Sports Marketing with PR, Sports Promotion and Marketing, Sports Therapy, Surface Design for Fashion and Interiors, Sustainable Architecture, Technology with Business Management, Textile Crafts, Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors, Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors, Tourism and Leisure Management, Transport and Logistics Management, Transport and Logistics Management, Transport Design, Virtual Reality Design, Virtual Reality Design with Animation, Writing for Performance, Youth and Community Work.

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