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South West England, GL50 2RH Cheltenham, The Park

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 2001
Students: 9215

Courses: Accounting and Corporate Finance, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Financial Management Studies, Advanced Practice: Health, Adventure Leisure Management, Adventure Leisure Management, Advertising, Animal Biology, Animation and Interactive Media, Animation and Interactive Media, Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences, Applied Sport and Exercise Studies, Applied Sport and Exercise Studies, Applied Theology, Applied Theology, Applied Theology, Biology, Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Enterprise, Business Information Technology, Business Information Technology, Business Management, Business Management, Business Psychology, Child Care Practice, Community Health Studies, Community Nursing Specialist Practice, Computing, Computing, Computing with e-business Technology, Computing with Games Development, Computing with Graphics and Animation, Computing with IT Management, Computing with Mobile Technology, Computing with Software Engineering, Computing with Systems Security Management, Creative and Critical Writing, Creative Writing, Criminology, Criminology, Digital Cinema Production, Digital Film Production, Early Childhood Studies, Early Years, Educational Leadership, English Language, English Literature, English Literature, Environmental Management, Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Science, European Rural Development, Events Management, Events Management, Exercise and Health Sciences, Exercise and Health Sciences, Family Business, Film and Media, Film Management, Film Studies, Film Studies, Fine Art, Fine Art - Painting and Drawing, Fine Art - Photography, Garden Design, Garden Design, Geography, Geography, Graphic Design, Health, Community and Social Care, Health, Community and Social Care, History, History, Hospitality, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management, Human Geography, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Human Resources Management Studies, Illustration, Inclusive Education, Information Technology, Information Technology, Interactive Games Design, International Business and Marketing, International Business Studies, International Hospitality Management, International Hospitality Management, International Human Resource Management and Development, International Tourism Management, International Tourism Management, Internet Systems Development, Internet Systems Development, Islamic Education, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Landscape Management, Law, Law, Leading Change by Action Research, Leisure and Sports Management, Leisure and Sports Management, Local Policy, Management, Management of Human Resources, Management Studies, Marketing Advertising and Communications, Marketing Management, Marketing Management and Branding, Marketing Management Studies, Marketing, Advertising and Communications, Media and Music Management, Media Communications and Culture, Mobile Computing Technology, Multimedia, Multimedia, Network Computing, Occupational Psychology, Photography, Photography - Editorial and Advertising, Photojournalism, Physical Activity and Public Health, Physical Geography, Playwork, Popular Music, Print Journalism, Professional Development, Psychology, Psychology, Public Relations, Publishing, Radio Production, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Social Work, Sociology, Sociology, Sport and Christian Outreach, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Sport Science, Sport Science, Sports Development, Sports Development, Sports Development, Sports Education, Sports Education, Sports Tourism Management, Sports Tourism Management, Strategic Business Management, Teacher Training, Television Production, The Child: Literature, Language and History, Tourism Management, Tourism Management.

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