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South West England, EX4 4QJ Exeter, The Queen’s Drive

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1955
Students: 14630

Courses: Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance with European Study, Accounting with Leadership, Accounting with Leadership with European Study, Adult Cardiology, Advanced Health Care Practice, Advanced Occupational Therapy, Ancient History, Animal Behaviour, Animal Behaviour, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Applied Drama, Applied Geotechnics, Applied Translation, Applied Translation Studies in Middle Eastern Languages (Arabic), Aquatic Biology and Resource Management, Arabic, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Arabic and Middle East Studies, Arabic and Persian, Archaeology, Archaeology, Biblical Studies, Biocatalysis, Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry with Industrial Experience, Biological Sciences, Biology and Animal Behaviour, Business and Accounting, Business and Accounting with European Study, Business and Management, Business and Management, Business and Management with European Study, Business Economics, Business Economics with European Study, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Mellitus, Childhood and Youth Studies, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical Studies, Classics and Ancient History, Climate Change and Risk Management, Clinical Research, Computational Science and Modelling, Computer Science, Conservation and Biodiversity, Conservation Biology and Ecology, Conservation Biology and Geography, Cornish Studies, Creative Arts in Education, Creative Writing, Critical and Philosophical Studies of Biology, Critical Global Studies, Dance and the Creative Arts in Education, Dentistry, Drama, Drama Research, Economic and Consumer Psychology, Economic and Social History, Economics, Economics, Economics and Econometrics, Economics and Experimental Economics, Economics and Finance, Economics and Finance with European Study, Economics and Politics, Economics and Politics with European Study, Economics with Econometrics, Economics with Econometrics with European Study, Economics with European Study, Education, Education Studies, Educational Research, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Engineering, Engineering and Management, Engineering and Management, Engineering and Management, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, Engineering Management, English, English and Cornish Studies (including Contemporary Celtic Studies), English and Education, English and Film Studies, English Studies, English Studies (Literature, Place and Identity), Ethics, Religion and Society, European Governance, European Languages and Cultures, European Languages and Cultures, European Law, European Media Studies, European Studies, Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Exercise and Sport Sciences, Exeter MBA, Experimental Archaeology, Film Studies, Film Studies (Cinema and Practice), Finance, Finance and Investments, Finance and Management, Financial Analysis and Fund Management, Financial Economics, Financial Management, Financial Mathematics, French, Gender and Identity in the Middle East, Genomics in Society, Geography with European Study, German, Global Governance and Administration, Greek and Arabic, Gulf Studies, Health and Social Care (Management and Leadership), Health and Social Care (Quality Improvement), Health and Social Care Education/Clinical Education, Heritage Management (Professional Development), Historical, Political and Sociological Studies, History, History, History and Arabic, History of Political Thought, Human Biosciences, Human Geography, Information Technology Management for Business, Integrated Health Care, International Affairs, International and Comparative Public Law, International Business Law, International Management, International Relations, International Relations, International Relations of the Middle East, International Studies, Internet Computing, Islamic Studies, Islamic Studies, Kurdish Studies, Landscape Archaeology, Latin, Latin and Arabic, Law, Law (European), Law and Society, Leadership, Leadership Studies, Leadership Studies, Leadership Studies, Literary Translation, Management, Management with Leadership, Management with Leadership with European Study, Management with Tourism, Management with Tourism with European Study, Maritime History, Marketing, Marketing and Financial Services, Marketing Management, Material Culture Studies, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical History, Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography), Medical Informatics, Medical Microbiology, Medicine, Medicine, Medieval Studies, Mental Health, Middle East Policy Studies, Middle East Politics, Middle East Studies, Middle East Studies, Middle East Studies with Arabic, Minerals Engineering, Mining Engineering, Modern Continental Political Thought, Molecular Biology, Money and Banking, Music and the Creative Arts in Education, Nature, Society and Rurality, Naval History, Paediatric Exercise Physiology, Philosophy, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Physics, Physics, Physics with Astrophysics, Physics with Astrophysics, Physics with Medical Applications, Physics with Medical Physics, Physics with Professional Experience, Physics with Quantum and Laser Technology, Playwriting and Script Development, Political Theory, Politics, Politics, Psychological Research Methods, Psychological Therapies, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology and Education, Psychology with Sport and Exercise Science, Public Administration and Public Policy, Quantum Science and Lasers, Quarry Management, Remote and Isolated Health Care Environments, Renewable Energy, Russian, Science and Technology Studies, Social and Organisational Psychology, Social and Political Thought, Socio-Legal Research, Sociology, Sociology and Arabic, Spanish, Special Educational Needs, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Sport and Health Sciences, Sport and Health Sciences (Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity), Sport Sciences and Education, Staging Shakespeare, Staging Shakespeare, Surveying and Land/Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, The Exeter, Theatre Practice, Theatre Practice, Theological Studies, Theology, Theology and Arabic, Theology and Islamic Studies, Tourism Studies, Tourism, Development and Policy, Urban Water Systems, Visual Art and the Creative Arts in Education, War and Society, Wetland Archaeology and Environments, Wetland Archaeology and Environments, Working with Children and Adolescents in Primary Mental Health.

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