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Scotland, DD1 4HN Dundee, Nethergate

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1881
Students: 18610

Courses: Accountancy, Accountancy and Finance, Accountancy with Business Finance, Accountancy with Managment and Information Systems, Accounting and Finance, Advanced Practice, American Studies, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences, Anatomical Sciences, Animation, Applied Computing, Applied Computing, Applied Computing and Financial Economics, Applied Computing and Psychology, Applied Computing and Accountancy, Applied Computing and Economics, Applied Computing and Mathematics, Applied Human Nutrition and Research Methods, Applied Physics, Applied Population and Welfare Geography, Applied Professional Studies, Architecture, Architecture: Advanced Practice Management, Archives and Records Management, Archives and Records Management, Art and Aesthetics, Art and Design, Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices, Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Physiological Sciences, Biology, Biology and Zoology, Biomedical Sciences, Business Economics with Marketing, Business Economics with Marketing, Business Economics with Marketing and American Studies, Business Economics with Marketing and European Studies, Business Economics with Marketing and Geography, Business Economics with Marketing and History, Business Economics with Marketing and Mathematics, Business Economics with Marketing and Politics, Business Economics with Marketing and Psychology, Child Care and Protection Studies, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Management, Civil Engineering Design and Management, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Commercial Law, Community Education, Computing and Cognitive Science, Concrete Engineering and Environmental Management, Construction Enterprise Management, Continental Philosophy, Criminal Justice, Crop and Environmental Science, Dentistry, Design, Design, Design for Medical Technologies, Display Technology, Systems and Applications, e - Commerce Computing, e - Commerce Computing: Business, e - Commerce Computing: Law, e - Commerce Computing: Marketing, Early America, EC and Natural Resources Law and Policy, Economics, Economics, Economics and Applied Computing, Economics and European Studies, Economics and History, Economics and International Relations, Economics and Mathematics, Economics and Politics, Education, Educational Psychology, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic Circuit Design and Manufacture, Electronic Engineering and Microcomputer Systems, Electronic Engineering and Microcomputer Systems, Electronic Engineering and Physics, Electronic Engineering and Physics, Electronic Engineering with Management, Electronics and Computing, Electronics and Computing: Communications Engineering, Electronics and Computing: Satellite Electronic Systems, Energy and the Environment, Energy Economics, Energy Finance, Energy Industry Management, Energy Law and Policy, Energy Policy, Energy Regulation, Energy Studies, English, English and American Studies, English and European Studies, English and Film Studies, English and History, English and Mathematics, English and Philosophy, English and Politics, English and Psychology, English and Transatlantic Studies, English Language Teaching, English Law, English Law with French, English Law with German, English Law with Spanish, English or Scots Law and European Studies, English or Scots Law and History, English or Scots Law and Philosophy, English or Scots Law and Politics, English with French, English with German, English with Spanish, Environmental Biology, Environmental Biology: Conversion for Mathematical, Physical, Chemical and Molecular Sciences, Environmental Health, Environmental Law, Environmental Law and Policy, Environmental Management, Environmental Remote Sensing, Environmental Science, Environmental Science and Geography, Environmental Science and Geography, European History, European Law, European Philosophy, European Politics, European Politics, European Studies and Business Economics with Marketing, European Studies and Economics, European Studies and English, European Studies and Geography, European Studies and History, European Studies and International Relations, European Studies and Philosophy, European Studies and Psychology, European Studies and Transatlantic Studies, European Urban Conservation, Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Economics, Financial Economics and Applied Computing, Financial Economics and Mathematics, Fine Art, Fine Art: Digital Media, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Art / Medical Art, Forensic Medicine, Geography, Geography, Geography and American Studies, Geography and Business Economics with Marketing, Geography and Environmental Sciences, Geography and Environmental Sciences, Geography and European Studies, Geography and History, Geography and Planning, Geography and Politics, Geography and Psychology, Geography and Transatlantic Studies, Geography with a Language, Geopolitics and International Relations, Geotechnical Engineering, Globalisation: Origins, Development and Contemporary Impact, Greater Britain in the Twentieth Century, Healthcare Law and Ethics, Historical Research Methods, History, History, History and American Studies, History and Business Economics with Marketing, History and Economics, History and English, History and European Studies, History and Geography, History and International Relations, History and Philosophy, History and Politics, History and Psychology, History and Transatlantic Studies, History with French, History with German, History with Spanish, Human Anatomy, Human Identification, Human Rights Law, Information Technology and International Business, Infrastructure Development, Innovative Product Design, Intelligent Computational Systems, Interactive Media Design, Interior and Environmental Design, International and Comparative Nuclear Law and Policy, International and Comparative Water Law and Policy, International and European Law, International Business, International Business, International Business Transactions, International Business Transactions, International Business with French, International Business with German, International Business with Spanish, International Commercial Law, International Dispute Resolution and Management, International Finance, International Law, International Oil and Gas Management, International Professional Communication, International Relations and American Studies, International Relations and Economics, International Relations and European Studies, International Relations and History, International Relations and Politics, International Relations and Transatlantic Studies, Jewellery and Metal Design, Law, Local and Regional Economic Development, Managing Environmental Change, Mathematical Biology, Mathematics, Mathematics and Accountancy, Mathematics and Applied Computing, Mathematics and Business Economics with Marketing, Mathematics and Economics, Mathematics and English, Mathematics and Financial Economics, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Media Arts and Imaging - 3D Computer Animation, Media Arts and Imaging - Animation and Visualisation, Media Arts and Imaging - Electronic Imaging, Medical Education, Medical Education, Microbiology, Mineral Law and Policy, Mineral Resources Management, Minimal Access Surgery, Modern Language Teaching, Modern Language Teaching, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Motion Analysis, Natural Resources Law and Policy, Natural Resources Law and Policy, Mineral Law and Policy, Petroleum Law and Policy, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nursing, Nursing, Oil and Gas Economics, Oil and Gas Management, Oil and Gas Management, Mineral Resources Management, Oral Health Sciences, Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology, Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology, Palliative Care, Petroleum Law and Policy, Petroleum Taxation and Finance, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacology and Physiological Sciences, Philosophy, Philosophy and American Studies, Philosophy and English, Philosophy and European Studies, Philosophy and History, Philosophy and Politics, Philosophy and Psychology, Philosophy with French, Philosophy with German, Philosophy with Spanish, Physics, Physics, Physics and Mathematics, Physics and Microelectronics, Physiological Sciences, Physiology with Sports Biomedicine, Politics, Politics and American Studies, Politics and Business Economics with Marketing, Politics and Economics, Politics and English, Politics and Geography, Politics and History, Politics and Philosophy, Politics and Psychology, Politics and Transatlantic Studies, Primary Care, Primary Care Module, Primary Education, Professional Development, Professional Development: Early Childhood Studies, Psychological Research Methods, Psychological Therapy in Primary Care, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology and American Studies, Psychology and Applied Computing, Psychology and Business Economics with Marketing, Psychology and English, Psychology and European Studies, Psychology and Geography, Psychology and History, Psychology and Mathematics, Psychology and Philosophy, Psychology and Politics, Public Health, Records Management and Digital Preservation, Records Management and Information Rights, Records Management and Information Rights, Remote Sensing and Computing, Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling, Scots Law, Scots Law with French, Scots Law with German, Scots Law with Spanish, Scottish Historical Studies, Scottish History, Social Work, Social Work, Spatial Economics and Development, Sports Biomedicine, Structural Engineering, Town and Country Planning, Town and Regional Planning, TransAtlantic Studies, Transatlantic Studies and American Studies, Transatlantic Studies and English, Transatlantic Studies and European Studies, Transatlantic Studies and Geography, Transatlantic Studies and History, Transatlantic Studies and International Relations, Transatlantic Studies and Planning, Transatlantic Studies and Politics, Urban and Cultural Histories 1600-1800, Water Management, Women, Culture and Society, Writing Culture, Zoology.

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