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North West England, CA1 2HH Carlisle, Fusehill Street

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 2007
Students: 11625

Courses: Advanced Nursing Practice, Advanced Practice in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care, Advanced Practice in Occupational Therapy, Advanced Practice in Physiotherapy, Advanced Study of Early Years Education, Adventure and the Media, Adventure Recreation Management, Animal Conservation Science, Art and Design Education, Arts, Business Management, Business Management, Business Management with Finance, Business Management with Human Resource Management, Business Management with Marketing, Business Management with Travel and Tourism, Child, Young Person and Family Studies, Clinical Leadership and Management in Health Care, Coaching and Sport Development, Collaborative Practice, Community Development, Computing (Systems Management), Computing (Systems Management), Conservation Biology, Contemporary Applied Arts, Contemporary Applied Arts, Contemporary Fine Art, Contemporary Society, Creative Writing, Creative Writing, Creative Writing and Contemporary Culture, Digital Film Production, Digital Media, Drama, Drama and Creative Writing, Early Childhood Education, Education, Education Studies and Child, Young Person and Family Studies, Education: Art and Design, Education: Continuing Professional Development, Education: e-Learning, Education: Higher Education, Education: Inclusive Practice, Education: Leadership and Management, English, English and Creative Writing, English and Drama, English and History, English and Literacy Education, Entrepreneurship, Film Studies and Contemporary Culture, Film Studies and Creative Writing, Fine Art (Carlisle), Fine Art (Foundation Entry), Fine Art (Lancaster), Forest and Woodland Management, Forestry, Forestry, Geographical and Environmental Education, Geography, Graphic Design, Graphic Design, History, History Education, ICT Education, Information and Communication Technologies, Information Systems Management, Information Technology, International Business Administration, International Health, IT Systems Management, Journalism, Journalism and Contemporary Culture, Journalism and Creative Writing, Journalism and Film Studies, Landscape and Environmental Arts, Law, Leading Integrated Services in the Early Years, Marketing, Mathematics with Workplace Applications, Maths and Numeracey Education, Media Production, Mentally Disordered Offenders and Offending Behaviour, Multi - Agency Work, Multimedia Design and Digital Animation, Music, Nursing (Adult Branch), Nursing (Mental Health Branch), Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy - Advanced Route, PE and Health Development, PE and Sport Development, Performing Arts, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Ethics, Photography, Photography, Photography (Foundation Entry), Physical Education, Primary Education with QTS: Drama, Primary Education with QTS: Physical Education, Primary Education with QTS: Religious Education, Primary Education with QTS: Science Education, Primary Education with QTS: Special Educational Needs, Psychology (Applied), Radiography, Rehabilitation Studies, Religious Studies, Scriptwriting, Secondary Education with QTS: Information and Communications Technology, Secondary Education with QTS: Mathematics, Secondary Education with QTS: Religious Education, Secondary Education with QTS: Science, Social Science, Social Science and Child and Young Person and Family Studies, Social Work, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport Coaching and Sport Development, Sport Studies, Sport Studies and Sport Development, Sport Studies and Sport History, Sustainable Uplands, Theology, Travel Journalism, Upland and Moutain Management, Wildlife and Media, Working with Communities, Youth and Community Development Work.

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