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South East England, MK18 1EG Buckingham, Hunter Street

Sponsorship: Private
Founding year: 1976
Students: 750

Courses: Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting with Communication Studies, Accounting with Communication Studies (EFL), Biography, Bioinformatics, Business Administration, Business and Management, Business and Management with Communication Studies, Business and Management with Information System, Business Economics, Business Enterprise, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Communication and Media Studies, Communication Studies for International Trade and Business, Computing, Economics, Economics with a Minor, Economics with Business Journalism, Economics with History, Economics with Information Systems, Economics with Politics, English Literature, English Literature, English Literature with English Language Studies, English Literature with French or Spanish, English Literature with History, English Literature with Journalism, English Literature with Psychology, English Studies for Teaching, English Studies for Translating, English Studies with Journalism, English Studies with Media Communications, Global Affairs, Innovative Computing, International and Commercial Law, International Studies, International Studies with Journalism, Law, Law with Business Finance, Law with Economics, Law with English Language Studies, Law with French or Spanish, Law with Management Studies, Law with Politics, Marketing with Media Communications, Psychology, Psychology with Business Studies, Psychology with English Language Studies, Psychology with English Literature, Psychology with French or Spanish, Psychology with Information Systems, Psychology with Marketing, Psychology with Media Communications, Service Management, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

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