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East of England, LU1 3JU Luton, Park Square

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 2006
Students: 12050

Courses: Accident and Emergency, Accounting, Accounting and Law, Adversiting and Marketing Communications, Advertising Design, Animation, Applied Computing and Information Technology, Applied Education Studies, Applied Linguistics, Applied Psychology, Applied Social Studies, Applied Sports Science, Art and Design, Art and Design, Art, Design and Internet Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Arts Management, Biomedical Science, Business Administration, Business and Management, Business Decision Management, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Business Studies, Care and Management of Long-term Conditions, Care Management, Child and Adolescent Studies, Childhood and Youth Studies, Clinical Science: Diabetes, Coaching Science, Commercial Law, Computer and Internet Applications, Computer Animation, Computer Animation, Computer Games Development, Computer Graphics, Computer Networking, Computer Networking, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Robotics, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Computer Security and Forensics, Computer Security and Forensics, Computer Systems Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, Coronary Care, Creative Writing, Criminology, Criminology and Sociology, Cryobiology: Cryopreservation and Conservation, Dance and Professional Practice, Diabetes, Digital Photography and Video Art, E-Business and Management, Early Years Education, Education, Education - Primary: 3-7 or 5-11 years, Education Studies, Education Studies and English, English and Theatre Studies, English Language for Business, English Language Studies, English Language Studies with Teaching English as a Foreign Language, English Studies, Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Event Management, Fashion Design, Finance and Business Management, Fine Art, Football Studies, Graphic Design, Graphic Design for Print and New Media, Health and Social Care, Health Psychology, Health Psychology, Healthcare, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Illustration, Information Management and Security, Information Systems, Intensive Care, Intercultural Communication, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, International Business and Management, International Cinema, International Finance and Banking, International Tourism, International Tourism Management, Internet and e-Business, Internet Computing, Journalism, Journalism and Creative Writing, Journalism and Public Relations, Law, Leadership in Healthcare Practice, Learning Disabilities, Leisure Management, Logistics and Business Management, Marketing, Marketing and Business Management, Marketing and Media Practices, Marketing Communications, MBA Executive, Media Arts: Mass Communications, Media Performance, Media Practices and Public Relations, Media Practices: Mass Communications, Media Production, Media Production: Documentary, Media, Culture and Technology, Medical Education, Medical Sciences, Mental Health, Midwifery - Registered Midwife, Mobile Computing, Mobile Computing, Music Technology, Neonatal Care, Network Management, New Media and Internet Technologies, Nursing, Nursing Practice: Accident and Emergency, Nursing Practice: Coronary Care, Nursing Practice: Intensive Care, Nursing Practice: Neonatal, Nursing Practice: Spinal Cord Injuries, Nursing Practice: Theatre, Nursing Studies, Nursing Studies with Overseas Nurses Programme, Nutritional Sciences, Osteopathy, Palliative Care, Palliative Care, Performing Arts, Peri-Operative Care, Physical Activity and Well Being, Physical Education leading to the award of Qualified Teacher Status, Post-Compulsory Education, Professional Practice: Midwifery, Psychological Approaches to Health and Management, Psychological Studies, Psychology, Psychology and Criminal Behaviour, Psychology and Criminology, Public Health, Public Health, Public Relations, Research and Evaluation, Respiratory Care, Social Psychology, Social Work, Social Work, Social Work and Mental Health Nursing, Software Engineering, Spinal Cord Injuries, Sport and Adventure Recreation, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Physical Education, Sport Development, Sport Management and Society, Sport Science, Sport Studies, Sport Tourism, Sport, Leisure and Business Management, Sport, Media and Culture, Sports Science and Personal Training, Sports Studies, Sports Studies, Sports Therapy, Surgical Care, Systemic Leadership and Organisation, Systemic Therapy, Telecommunications and Networking, Television Production, Travel and Tourism.

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