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Greater London, WC1E 6BT London, Gower Street

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1826
Students: 21620

Courses: Adaptive Architecture and Computation, Advanced Architectural Studies, Advanced Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, Advanced Neuroimaging, Advanced Particle Physics, African Archaeology, Ageing and Mental Health, Ancient History, Ancient History, Ancient History and Egyptology, Ancient World Studies, Anthropology, Anthropology, Anthropology, Environment and Development, Applied Paediatric Neuropsychology, Archaeology, Archaeology, Archaeology, Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, Architectural Design, Architectural History, Architecture, Archives and Records Management, Artefact Studies, Astronomy, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrophysics, Audiological Science, Audiology, Audiology for ENT Practice, Audiovestibular Medicine, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering with Bioprocess Management, Biochemical Engineering with Study Abroad, Biochemical with Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Brain and Mind Sciences, Building and Urban Design in Development, Bulgarian and East European Studies, Cancer, Central and South-East European Studies, Chemical and Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad, Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics, Chemical Research, Chemical with Biochemical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry with a European Language, Chemistry with a European Language, Chemistry with Management Studies, Chemistry with Management Studies, Chemistry with Mathematics, Chemistry with Mathematics, Child Public Health, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation, Classics, Classics, Classics with Study Abroad, Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Clinical and Public Health Nutrition, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Neurology, Clinical Neuroscience, Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychology, Clinical Paediatrics, Clinical Research Skills in Head and Neck and Dysphagia, Cognitive and Decision Sciences, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Comparative Art and Archaeology, Comparative Business Economics, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science, Conservation, Conservation for Archaeology and Museums, Conservative Dentistry, Construction Economics and Management, Cultural Heritage Studies, Culture and Health, Czech with Slovak and East European Studies, Data Communications, Networks and Distributed Systems, Democracy and Democratisation, Dental Public Health, Development Administration and Planning, Dutch, Dutch Golden Age, Earth Sciences, Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management, East European Studies, East European Studies, Economics, Economics, Economics and Business with East European Studies, Economics and Business with East European Studies with a Year Abroad, Economics and Geography, Economics and Statistics, Economy, State and Society, Education, Egyptian Archaeology, Egyptian Archaeology, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic Communication and Publishing, Electronic Engineering with Communications Engineering, Electronic Engineering with Computer Science, Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology, Endodontics, Endodontology, Engineering with Business Finance, Engineering with Business Finance, English, English and German, English and German Law, English Linguistics, English: Issues in Modern Culture, English: Medieval Literature, English: Shakespeare in History, Environment and Sustainable Development, Environment, Science and Society, Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Archaeology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Design and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Geography, Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Mapping, Environmental Systems Engineering, European Cultures, European History, European Medical Physics, European Property Development and Planning, European Public Policy, European Social and Political Studies, European Society, European Thought, Facility and Environment Management, Field Archaeology, Film Studies, Financial Computing, Fine Art, Fine Art, Fine Art, Finnish and East European Studies, Forensic Archaeological Science, French, French and an Asian or African Language, French and Philosophy, French with Film Studies, Freshwater and Coastal Sciences, Gender Studies, Genetics, Geographic Information Science, Geographies of Globalisation, Geography, Geography, Geoinformatics, Geoinformatics, Geology, Geology, Geophysical Hazards, Geophysics, Geophysics, German, German and History, GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, Global Governance and Ethics, Global Health and Development, Greek with Latin, Haemaglobinopathy, Health and Society: Social Epidemiology, Health Informatics, Health Psychology, Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Hispanic Studies, History, History, History - Central and East European - and Jewish Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Art, History of Art, History of Art with Material Studies, History of Medicine, History of Science, Medicine and Technology, History with a European Language, History with a Year Abroad, History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science, Holocaust Studies, Human Evolution and Behaviour, Human Genetics, Human Rights, Human Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics, Hungarian and East European Studies, Hydrographic Surveying, Icelandic, Identity, Culture and Power, Implant Dentistry, Information Management for Business, Information Science, Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Management of Projects, International Child Health, International Health, International Planning, International Public Policy, Italian, Italian and Business Studies, Italian and Design, Jewish History, Language and Culture, Language, Culture and History: Contemporary Italian Culture and History, Language, Culture and History: Dutch Studies, Language, Culture and History: French and Francophone Studies, Language, Culture and History: German History, Language, Culture and History: German Studies, Language, Culture and History: Hispanic Studies, Language, Culture and History: Italian Studies, Language, Culture and History: Renaissance Studies, Language, Culture and History: Scandinavian Studies: Medieval and West Norse, Latin with Greek, Law, Law, Law with Advanced Studies, Law with Another Legal System: Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong, Law with French Law, Law with German Law, Law with Hispanic Law, Law with Italian Law, Legal and Political Theory, Library and Information Studies, Library, Archive and Information Studies, Light and Lighting, Linguistics, Linguistics, Linguistics, Managing Archaeological Sites, Marine Engineering: Mechanical and Electrical Options, Maritime Archaeology, Material and Visual Culture, Mathematical Modelling, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Statistical Science, Mathematics and Statistical Science, Mathematics with Economics, Mathematics with Economics, Mathematics with Management Studies, Mathematics with Management Studies, Mathematics with Modern Languages, Mathematics with Modern Languages, Mathematics with Theoretical Physics, Mathematics with Theoretical Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Anthropology, Medical Education, Medical Image Computing, Medical Mycology, Medical Physics see also Physics entry, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicine, Medieval Studies, Micropalaeontology, Modelling Biological Complexity, Modern History, Modern Iberian and Latin American Regional Studies, Modern Israeli Studies, Modern Languages, Modern Languages Plus, Modernity, Space and Place, Molecular Medicine, Musculoskeletal Science, Museum Studies, Nanotechnology, Natural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Naval Architecture, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Language and Communication, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry, Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology, Palaeobiology, Palaeobiology, Periodontology, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Philosophy, Philosophy and Economics, Philosophy and Greek, Philosophy and History of Art, Phonetics, Phonology, Photogrammetry with Remote Sensing, Physics, Physics, Physics with Medical Physics, Planetary Science, Planetary Science, Polish and East European Studies, Political Economy of Russia and Eastern Europe, Politics and East European Studies, Politics and East European Studies with a Year Abroad, Politics and Economics of Eastern Europe, Politics, Security and Integration, Power Systems Engineering, Pragmatics, Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine, Principles of Conservation, Project and Enterprise Management, Project Management for Construction, Prosthodontics, Psychiatric Research, Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology, Psychodynamic Developmental Neuroscience, Psychology, Public Archaeology, Public Policy, Publishing, Radiation Biology, Radiation Physics: Medical Applications, Reception of the Classical World, Records and Archives Management, Remote Sensing, Renaissance Studies and Research Methods, Research Methods for Archaeology, Research Methods in Psychology, Restorative Dental Practices, Romanian and East European Studies, Russian and East European Literature and Culture, Russian and History, Russian Studies, Russian Studies, Russian with an East European Language, Russian with Film Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Scandinavian Studies and History, Science Communication and Policy, Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, Serbian / Croatian and East European Studies, Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV, Skeletal and Dental Bioarchaeology, Slovak with Czech and East European Studies, Social Anthropology, Social Development Practice, Software Systems Engineering, Space Science, Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications, Spatial Planning, Special Needs Dentistry, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Speech and Language Sciences, Speech Sciences, Sports and Exercise Medicine, Statistical Sciences, Statistics, Statistics, Statistics and Operational Research with Management Studies, Statistics, Economics and a Language, Statistics, Economics and Finance, Surgical Sciences, Surveying, Sustainable Heritage, Syntax, Systems Engineering Management, Technologies for Broadband Communications, Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials, Technology Entrepreneurship, Telecommunications, Telecommunications, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies, Town and Country Planning, Translation Studies, Translation Theory and Practice: Advanced Scandinavian Translation Studies, Transport, Ukrainian and East European Studies, Urban Design, Urban Development Planning, Urban Economic Development, Urban Planning, Design and Management, Urban Regeneration, Urban Studies, Urban Studies, Urology, Viking Studies, Vision Imaging and Virtual Environments, Voice Pathology, Zoology.

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