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North East England, TS1 3BA Middlesbrough, Tees Valley

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1930
Students: 22015

Courses: 3D Reconstruction and Visualisation, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Advanced Clinical Practice, Advanced Clinical Practice: Active Implantable Device Technology Management, Advanced Clinical Practice: Forensic Radiography, Advanced Clinical Practice: Management of Long-term Health Conditions, Advanced Clinical Practice: Manipulative Therapy, Advanced Clinical Practice: Musculoskeletal Studies, Advanced Clinical Practice: Occupational Performance and Mental Health, Advanced Clinical Practice: Physiotherapeutic Management of the Athlete, Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Advancing Practice, Analytical Chemistry, Animation and Visual Effects Programming, Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry, Applied Science and Forensic Investigation, Art and Design, Audit Management and Consultancy, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration: Enterprise, Business Administration: Health and Social Care Management, Business Administration: Public Management, Business Computing, Business Computing, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Business Management: Finance, Business Management: Hospitality, Business Management: Human Resource Management, Business Management: International Business, Business Management: Marketing, Business Management: Sport, Business Management: Tourism, Business Studies, Business Studies with Law, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering with Disaster Management, Collision Investigation, Computer Animation, Computer Animation, Computer Animation and Graphical Technology Applications, Computer Games Art, Computer Games Art, Computer Games Design, Computer Games Programming, Computer Games Programming, Computer Games Science, Computer Generated Imaging, Computer Graphics Science, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Studies, Computer Systems Management, Computer-Aided Engineering, Computing, Computing, Computing and Networks, Contemporary Issues in Drug Use, Control and Electronics, Control and Electronics, Control and Process Engineering, Creative Advertising and Promotion, Creative Digital Media, Creative Digital Media, Creative Multimedia, Creative Visualisation, Creative Writing, Crime and Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Science, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminology, Criminology and Sociology, Criminology with Law, Criminology with Psychology, Criminology with Youth Studies, Cultural History, Death Investigation, Diagnostic Radiography, Digital Character Animation, Digital Forensics, Digital Forensics, Digital Media Applications, Digital Music and Animation, Digital Music and Computer Games Design, Digital Music and Digital Media, Digital Music Creation, Digital Visual Effects, Disaster Management, Early Childhood Studies, Education, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, English and Media Studies, English Studies, English Studies and History, English Studies and Sociology, English Studies with Creative Writing, English Studies with History, English Studies with Media Studies, Environmental Technology, Evidence-based Medicine, Evidence-based Medicine: Anaesthesia, Evidence-based Medicine: Orthopaedics, Evidence-based Practice, Fine Art, Fire Investigation, Food and Consumer Safety, Food and Consumer Safety, Food, Nutrition and Health Science, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Computing, Forensic Computing, Forensic Engineering, Forensic Investigation, Forensic Investigation and Consumer Law, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Reconstruction and Simulation, Fraud Management, Graphic Arts, Graphic Arts: Image Making, Graphic Arts: Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Graphic Design: lllustration, Graphic Design: Multimedia and Web Publishing, Health Psychology, Health Sciences: Cancer Care, Health Sciences: Generic pathway, Health Sciences: Public Health, History, History, History and Media Studies, History with English Studies, History with Media Studies, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Informatics, Information Security, Information Technology, Information Technology and Networks, Information Technology: Independent Learning, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Integrated Service Improvement, Interior Architecture and Design, Interior Design, International Business, International Business Information Technology, Journalism and News Practice, Law, Law - Senior Status, Law with Criminology, Leadership and Organisational Change, Learning Technology, Leisure Management, Local History, Management, Marketing, Marketing and Advertising Management, Marketing and Retail Management, Marketing Management, Mechanical Engineering, Media Production Professional Practice, Media Studies, Media Studies with English Studies, Media Studies with History, Midwifery, Mobile Computing, Mobile Computing Applications, Mobile Entertainment, Modern and Contemporary European History, Multimedia Applications, Multimedia Journalism Professional Practice, Music Software Development, Music Technology, Nanotechnology And Microsystems, Nanotechnology And Microsystems, Network Systems, Network Systems, Nursing Studies: Adult, Nursing Studies: Child, Nursing Studies: Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, Performance and Events Production, Petroleum Technology, Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy, Process Manufacturing Management, Product Design: Contemporary Lifestyle and Furniture, Product Design: Futures, Product Design: Industrial and Transportation, Product Design: Marketing, Project Management, Psychology, Psychology and Counselling, Psychology and Criminology, Psychology and Education Studies, Public Health and Well-being, Public Relations, Social and Cultural History, Social Research Methods, Social Work, Social Work / Learning Disabilities Nursing, Social Work / Mental Health Nursing, Sociology, Sociology with Psychology, Sociology with Youth Studies, Software Engineering, Sport and Exercise, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sport and Exercise: Applied Exercise Science, Sport and Exercise: Applied Sport Science, Sport and Exercise: Coaching Science, Sport and Exercise: Sport Studies, Sport Management, Sports Technology, Sports Therapy, Sports Therapy, Television Production Professional Practice, Tourism Management, Visual and Web Applications, Visualisation, Web Design, Web Design, Web Development, Web Enterprise, Web Enterprise, Web Services Development, Youth Studies, Youth Studies and Youth Work, Youth Studies with Criminology, Youth Studies with Psychology, Youth Work and Community Development.

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