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Wales, SA2 8PP Swansea, Singleton Park

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1920
Students: 15070

Courses: Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, Accounting and Finance, Actuarial Studies, Actuarial Studies with a Year Abroad, Actuarial Studies with Accounting, Advanced Clinical Practice, Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Engineering with Propulsion, Aerospace Engineering with Propulsion, American Studies, American Studies, American Studies, American Studies and Economic History, American Studies and English, American Studies and Geography, American Studies and History, American Studies and Politics, American Studies and Social History, Ancient and Medieval History, Ancient Egyptian Culture, Ancient History, Ancient History, Ancient History and Civilisation, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation, Applied Criminal Justice and Criminology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Social Studies, Aquaculture and the Environment, Audiology, Behaviour Analysis, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences and Geography, Biological Sciences and Psychology, Biology, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Economics, Business Economics, Business Economics with Accounting, Business Economics with Computing, Business Economics with Finance, Business Management, Business Management, Business Management, Business Management - Finance, Business Management - Marketing, Business Management and Economics, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Child Welfare and Applied Childhood Studies, Childhood Studies, Childhood Studies, Chronic Condition Management, Civil and Computational Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical Civilisation, Classical Civilisation and Latin, Classics, Classics, Classics, Clinical Physiology with Cardiology, Clinical Physiology with Respiratory Physiology, Communication Systems, Communication Systems, Community Health Studies, Comparative Journalism, Computational Mechanics, Computational Modelling and Finite Elements, Computer Modelling in Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science and Physics, Computer Science and Psychology, Computer Science with French, Computer Science with German, Computer Science with Italian, Computer Science with Spanish, Computer Science with Welsh, Computer Simulation in Materials, Computing, Computing and Communications, Computing and Future Interaction Technologies, Computing and Software Technology, Computing with Finance, Contemporary Conflict and Violence, Creative and Media Writing, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminology and Psychology, Criminology and Social Policy, Cultural Awareness, Development and Human Rights, Development Studies, Diversity of Contemporary Writing, Early Childhood, Early Modern History, Economic and Social History, Economic History and Economics, Economics, Economics, Economics, Economics and Geography, Economics and Mathematics, Economics and Politics, Economics and Psychology, Economics and Social Policy, Egyptology, Egyptology, Egyptology and Ancient History, Egyptology and Classical Civilisation, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic Systems Design Engineering, Electronics for Sustainable Energy, Electronics with Computer Science, Electronics with Computer Science, Engineering with deferred choice of spec, English, English, English, English and Language Studies, English and Psychology, English and TEFL, English Language Studies, English with Creative Writing, English with Gender, Environmental Dynamics and Climatic Change, Environmental Management, European History with English, European History with French, European History with German, European History with Italian, European History with Spanish, European History with Welsh, European Literary and Cultural Studies, Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Economics with Accounting, Financial Economics with Computing, French, French and TEFL, French Studies, French with Business Studies, French with Computer Studies, French with Legal Studies, Gender and Culture, Genetics, Genetics and Biochemistry, Genetics and Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology, Geography, Geography, Geography, Geography, Geography and Social Policy, Geography and Spanish, Geography with European Studies, German, German and TEFL, German Studies, German with Business Studies, German with Computer Studies, German with Legal Studies, Global Politics and International Studies, Health Care Law and Ethics, Health Care Management, Health Informatics, Health Science, Hispanic Studies, History, History, History, History / Economics, History / French, History and Russian Studies, Integrated Aerospace Engineering, International Business Administration, International Business Management, International Commercial Law, International Commerical and Maritime Law, International Communication, International Maritime Law, International Relations, International Relations, International Relations and Modern History, International Relations with American Studies, International Relations with French, International Relations with German, International Relations with Italian, International Relations with Spanish, International Relations with Welsh, International Trade Law, Internet Technology, Italian, Italian and TEFL, Italian with Business Studies, Italian with Computer Studies, Italian with Legal Studies, Language and Communication, Language Studies, Language Studies and TEFL, Latin and English, Latin and French, Latin and German, Latin and History, Latin and Italian, Latin and Language Studies, Law, Law, Law and American Studies, Law and Business Studies, Law and Economics, Law and French, Law and German, Law and History, Law and Italian, Law and Politics, Law and Psychology, Law and Spanish, Law and Welsh, Legal Practice and Advanced Drafting, Literary Translation, Logic and Computation, Management, Management Science, Management Science and Mathematics, Management Science and Mathematics Year Abroad, Management: Marketing, Marine Biology, Marketing, Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering with Management, Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computing for Finance, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics for Computer Science, Mathematics for Finance, Mathematics with a Foundation Year, Mathematics with French, Mathematics with German, Mathematics with Italian, Mathematics with Spanish, Mathematics with Sports Science, Mathematics with Welsh, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Media and Communication Studies, Media Studies, Media Studies and English, Media Studies and French, Media Studies and German, Media Studies and Italian, Media Studies and Spanish, Media Studies and Welsh, Media Talk, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Medical Engineering with Foundation Year, Medical Genetics, Medical Humanities, Medical Sciences and Humanities, Medicine, Medicine, Midwifery, Mobile Communication and Internet Technology, Modern Celtic Studies, Modern History, Modernism, Nanoscience to Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology to Nanoscience, Nursing, Nursing - Adult, Nursing - Child, Nursing - Mental Health, Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics with a Foundation Year, Physics with Nanotechnology, Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology, Physics with Sports Science, Political Communications, Political Theory, Politics, Politics and Social History, Politics and Social Policy, Population Movements and Policies, Product Design Engineering, Product Design Engineering, Product Design Technology, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology and French, Psychology and German, Psychology and Italian, Psychology and Law, Psychology and Spanish, Public and Media Relations, Public Health and Health Promotion, Public Health and Partnerships in Care, Pure Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, Recycling Technology, Research Methods in Psychology, Resistant Materials Design and Technology, Screen Studies, Screen Studies and French, Screen Studies and German, Screen Studies and Italian, Screen Studies and Spanish, Screen Studies and Welsh, Social Development and Communication, Social Development and Conflict, Social History and Social Policy, Social History and Social Policy, Social Policy, Social Research, Social Work, Spanish, Spanish and Psychology, Spanish and TEFL, Spanish with Business Studies, Spanish with Computer Science, Spanish with Legal Studies, Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, Sports Science, Sports Science, Sports Science, Sports Science with Management, Stochastic Processes, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Translation, Translation with Language Technology, Trauma Surgery, War and Society, War and Society, Water Technology and Management, Welsh, Welsh and Economics, Welsh and Psychology, Welsh with Business Studies, Welsh with Computer Studies, Welsh with Legal Studies, Welsh Writing in English, Wittgensteinian Studies, Zoology.

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