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South East England, SO14 0YN Southampton, East Park Terrace

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1984
Students: 17365

Courses: 3D Design: Promotion, Accountancy, Accountancy and Finance, Advertising, Animation, Applied Sport Science, Applied Sport Science: Watersports and Outdoor Activities, Architectural Technology, Audio Technology, Business, Business Administration, Business Administration - Part Time, Business and E-management, Business and Finance, Business and Management Studies, Business and Marketing, Business Information Systems, Business Information Technology, Business Information Technology, Business Information Technology - Part Time, Business Management, Business Management with Commercial Law, Business Management With Entrepreneurship, Business Management with Finance, Business Management with Human Resource Management, Business Management with Psychology, Business Studies, Business Studies, Business Systems and Web Computing, Comedy - Writing and Performance, Commercial Law, Computer and Video Games, Computer Games Development, Computer Network Management, Computer Networks and Web Design, Computer Systems and Networks, Computing, Construction Management, Criminal Investigation with Psychology, Criminal Justice with Psychology, Criminology, Criminology and Psychology, Design Studies, Design Studies with Fashion Promotion, Digital Cinema Technology, Digital Music, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Engineering with Business, English and Advertising, English And Film, English and Magazine Journalism, English and Media, English and Professional Writing, English and Public Relations, English and Screenwriting, English and Writing Contemporary Fiction, Environmental and Outdoor Studies, Event Management: Sport, Event Management: Tourism, Fashion, Fashion Graphics, Fashion Management with Marketing, Fashion Merchandise Management, Fashion Merchandise Management - Part Time, Fashion Styling: Make Up and Hair Design, Fashion with Photography, Film, Film - Part Time, Film and Television Studies, Film and Video Technology, Film Studies, Finance with Business Management, Finance with Commercial Law, Finance with Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, Fitness and Personal Training, Football Studies, Football Studies with Business, Geography with Environmental Studies, Geography with Marine Studies, Geography with Sustainability, Graphic Design, Graphic Image Making, Health and Fitness Management, Health Promotion and Fitness, Health, Exercise and Physical Activity, Human Resource Management, Illustration, Industrial Design, Information and Communication Technology, Information Technology for Business, Infotainment, Integrated Promotional Media, Interactive Media: Entertainment, Interactive Media: Production, Interactive Production, Interactive Production - Part Time, Interior Design, Interior Design: Decoration, Interior Design: Promotion, Interior Design: Stage and Film, International Business Management, International Business Management and English, International Maritime Studies - Ship and Shipping Management, International Maritime Studies - Ship and Shipping Management - Part Time, International Maritime Studies - Shipping Ports and Environment, International Maritime Studies - Shipping Ports and Environment - Part Time, Internet Computing, Journalism, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management: Information and Entertainment, Law, Law, Law with Business Management, Law with Criminology, Law with European Studies, Law with Human Resource Management, Law with Marketing Management, Law with Tourism, Law- Part Time, Live Performance Make Up Design: Stage and Theatre, Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing, Make Up and Hair Design for Music, Film and Photography, Management and Finance, Management and International Business, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Business, Marketing Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Management - Part Time, Marketing with Advertising Management, Marketing with English, Marketing with Entrepreneurship, Marketing with Event Management, Marketing with Human Resource Management, Marketing with International Business, Marketing with Psychology, Marketing with Tourism Studies, Mechanical Design, Media, Media - Part Time, Media Communication, Media Culture and Production, Media Practice, Media Practice - Part Time, Media Styling and Promotion: Make Up and Hair Design, Media Technology, Media Writing, Media Writing - Part Time, Multimedia Design, Music Industry Management, Music Promotion, Music Studio Technology, Outdoor Adventure Management, Outside Broadcast Technology, Outside Broadcast: Production Operations, Performance, Personnel and Development - Part Time, Photography, Popular Music and Record Production, Popular Music Journalism, Popular Music Performance, Popular Music Studies, Product Design, Product Design with Marketing, Professional Development - Part Time, Promotional Media: Consumer Spaces, Promotional Media: Creative Industries, Property Development, Psychology, Psychology: Counselling, Psychology: Criminal Behaviour, Psychology: Health Psychology, Public Relations and Communication, Screenwriting, Ship and Port Management, Shipping and Marine Environment, Six Sigma Quality: Manufacture - Part Time, Six Sigma Quality: Service - Part Time, Social Work, Software Engineering, Software Engineering Management, Software Engineering Management - Part Time, Sound Engineering, Sound for Film, Television and Games, Sport and the Media, Sport Coaching, Sport Writing, SportL Coaching and Sport Development, Sports Development with Marketing, Sports Studies, Sports Studies with Business, Television and Video Production, Television Production, Television Production, Television Production: Design, Television Production: Directing Performance, Television Production: Editing, Television Production: Events Management, Television Production: Location, Television Production: Screenwriting, Television Production: Sound, Television Production: Special Effects, Tourism Management, Tourism Management with Business, Tourism Management with Cruise and Travel Operations, Tourism Management with Cultural Studies, Tourism Management with English, Tourism Management with European Studies, Tourism Management with Outdoor Adventure, Tourism Studies, Urban and Electronic Music, Visual Arts, Watersports Studies and Management, Web Design, Web Design and Internet Technology, Web Development, Writing Fashion and Culture, Writing Popular Fiction, Yacht and Powercraft Design, Yacht Production and Surveying.

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