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Sharri Mountains are divided into 3 zones: Prizren, Opoja and Gora, Luboten and Brezovica. The highest and the nicest point is Luboteni Peak (8376 ft)

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Although the sovereignty of Kosovo is still arguable, tourism is developing rapidly here. Pristina, Brod, and Peć are the most interesting cities


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Brezovica is known for its sport-recreation complex. There are all the facilities for mountain skiing in winter and for hiking and biking in summer.

Marble Cave in Gadime

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The Marble Cave in Gadime was discovered in 1969. Today about 1500 m of it have already been explored by speleologists and 800 m are open for tourists

Mirusha Waterfall

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Mirusha Waterfalls become very popular among tourists and locals in summer, because it’s a real fun to swim in cool water of three falls at a time.

Nerodime River Bifurcation

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Nerodime River bifurcation is a rare natural phenomenon: the Nerodimka River divides in two streams that fall into Black and Aegean Seas.

Rugova Canyon

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The Rugova Canyon or Gryka Rrugoves is one of the most visited places in Kosovo. It is an incredibly beautiful 12-km long gorge along the White River

White Drin Waterfall

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The White Drin Waterfall located in the Radovac village is a 25 m high masterpiece of nature and one of the most beautiful places in Kosovo.

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