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North East England, NE1 7RU Newcastle, Claremont Road

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1963
Students: 19150

Courses: Accounting and Computing Science, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Information Systems, Accounting and Mathematics, Accounting and Statistics, Agri-Business Management, Agriculture - deferred choice, Agronomy, Ancient History, Ancient History and Archaeology, Animal Production Science, Animal Science - Companion Animal Studies, Animal Science - deferred choice, Animal Science - Livestock Technology, Applied Biology, Archaeology, Archaeology and History, Architectural Studies, Biochemistry, Biochemistry with Immunology, Biological Sciences - deferred Choice, Biology, Biology and Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Bioprocess Engineering, Biotechnology, Business Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry with Foundation Year, Chemistry with Foundation Year, Chemistry with Industrial Training Year, Chemistry with Industrial Training Year, Chemistry with Management, Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry with Industrial Training Year, Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry with Industrial Training Year, Chemistry with Study in Europe, Chemistry with Study in North America, Chinese / Japanese and Cultural Studies, Civil and Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering with Foundation Year, Civil Engineering with Foundation Year, Classical Studies, Classical Studies and English, Classics, Combined Studies, Computing Science, Computing Science and Economics, Computing Science and Mathematics, Computing Science and Statistics, Computing Science with Foundation Year, Computing Science: Distributed Systems, Computing Science: Games and Virtual Environments, Computing Science: Software Engineering, Countryside Management, Dental Surgery, Economics, Economics and Business Management, Economics and Information Systems, Economics and Mathematics, Economics and Statistics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year, Electronic Communications, Electronic Communications, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Business Management, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Engineering with Foundation Year, Engineering with Foundation Year, English Language, English Language and Literature, English Literature, Environmental Science, Farm Business Management, Financial and Business Economics, Financial Mathematics, Financial Mathematics with Management, Fine Art, Folk and Traditional Music, Food and Human Nutrition, French, French and Business Studies, French and Politics, Genetics, Geographic Information Science, Geography, Geography, Geography and Mathematics, Geography and Planning, Geography and Statistics, German, German and Business Studies, German and Politics, Government and European Union Studies, History, Human Genetics, Information Systems, Information Systems and Statistics, Information Systems with Accounting, Information Systems with Business Studies, Information Systems with Management, Intensified Processing, Law, Law with French, Linguistics, Linguistics with Chinese or Japanese, Linguistics with French, Linguistics with German, Linguistics with Spanish, Marine Biology, Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering, Marine Environmental Engineering, Marine Technology, Marine Technology with Foundation Year, Marine Technology with Foundation Year, Marketing, Marketing and Management, Materials and Process Engineering, Materials and Process Engineering, Mathematical Sciences - deferred Choice, Mathematical Sciences with Foundation Year, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics with Management, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Mechanical and Design Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Mechanical and Railway Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering Programme Options, Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year, Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year, Mechanical Engineering with Management, Mechanical Engineering with Mathematical Modelling, Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Medicine and Surgery, Modern Language, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Modern Languages with Management Studies, Music, Music, Natural Sciences, Naval Architecture, Naval Architecture, Offshore Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Organic Food Production, Pharmacology, Philosophical Studies: Knowledge and Human Interests, Physical Geography, Physiological Sciences, Politics, Politics and Economics, Politics and History, Politics and Sociology, Popular and Contemporary Music, Process Control, Psychology, Psychology and Statistics, Rural Resource Management, Rural Studies, Small Craft Technology, Small Craft Technology, Sociology, Spanish and Business Studies, Spanish and Politics, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Speech and Language Sciences, Statistics, Statistics with Management, Surveying and Mapping Sciences, Sustainable Engineering, Town Planning, Zoology.

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