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Scotland, EH14 1DJ Edinburgh, Craiglockhart Campus

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1992
Students: 14850

Courses: Accounting, Accounting and Economics, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Law, Accounting And Marketing Management, Accounting With Entrepreneurship, Advanced Film Practice, Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practice, Advanced Networking, Advanced Software Engineering, Animal Biology, Applied Informatics, Applied Statistics, Aquatic Ecosystem Management, Architectural Technology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, Blended and Online Education, Building Surveying, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Economics, Business Finance: Accounting, Business Finance: Financial Services, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Business Management, Business Management With Entrepreneurship, Business Management With HRM, Business Studies, Business Studies And Languages, Business Studies with Entrepreneurship, Business Studies with Finance, Business Studies with Human Resource Management, Business Studies With Information Mgmt, Business Studies with Languages, Business Studies with Marketing, Business Studies With Tourism, Cancer And Palliative Nursing Care, Career Guidance, Career Guidance And Development, Civil and Timber Engineering, Civil and Transport Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communication Engineering, Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Community Health Standalone Modules, Complementary Therapies: Aromatherapy, Complementary Therapies: Reflexology, Computer Networks And Distributed Systems, Computer Security and Forensics, Computing, Construction and Project Management, Construction Engineering, Construction Project Management, Construction Project Management, Consumer Product Design, Corporate Strategy and Finance, Creative Advertising, Critical Care Nursing, Critical Care Nursing And Applied Education, Cultural Tourism Management, Culture Media And Society, Culture Media And Society, Design Futures, Drug Design and Biomedical Science, E Learning Design And Development, E-Business, Ecotourism, Ecotourism, Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Embedded Computer Systems, Energy And Environmental Engineering, Engineering, Engineering, Engineering With Management, English And Communication, English And Film, English And Journalism, English And Publishing, Environmental Biology, European Business Languages, Facilities Management, Festival And Events Management, Festival And Events Management With Entrepreneurship, Festival And Events Management With HRM, Festival And Events Management With Marketing, Financial Services, Financial Services and Business Economics, Forensic Biology, Graphic Design, Health And Society, Herbal Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Hospitality And Marketing Management, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Mgmt With Entrepreneurship, Hospitality With Human Resource Mgmt, Human Computer Systems, Human Resource Management, Immunology and Toxicology, Information Services Management, Information Systems, Information Systems, Information Systems For Financial Services, Information Systems Management, Information Systems Project Man, Information Systems Studies, Information Technology Management, Interactive Media Design, Interactive Technologies For E-Commerce, Interdisciplinary Design, Interior Architecture, International Events and Festival Mgmt, International Marketing, International Marketing With Tourism, International Tourism Management, Internet Computing, It: Computer Aided Engineering, It: Engineering Design, It: Mechatronics, Journalism, Journalism, Languages And Marketing Management, Languages And Tourism Management, Languages With Festival and Events Management, Law, Marine And Fresh Water Biology, Marketing, Marketing And Tourism Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Mgmt With Entrepreneurship, Marketing Studies, Marketing With Language, Materials Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mental Health Practice, Microbiology And Biotechnology, Midwifery, Midwifery, Midwifery and Applied Education, Mobile Computing, Multimedia And Interactive Systems, Multimedia Systems, Multimedia Technology, Music, Network Computing, Nursing, Nursing, Nursing - Conversion (Child), Nursing - Conversion (Learning Disability), Nursing - Conversion (Mental Health), Nursing and Applied Education, Palliative Care, Palliative Care And Applied Education, Perioperative Practice, Perioperative Practice and Applied Education, Photography Film And Imaging, Polymer Engineering, Popular Music, Product Design Engineering, Product Manufacture, Property and Construction Management, Property Development and Valuation, Property Management and Investment, Psychology, Psychology and Sociology, Publishing, Publishing Media, Quantity Surveying, Screen Project Development, Screenwriting, Social Research, Social Sciences, Software Engineering, Software Technology, Software Technology For The Web, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Technology, Teaching And Learning In Higher Education, Timber Engineering, Timber Industry Management, Tourism And Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Tourism Management With Languages, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Mgmt With Entrepreneurship, Tourism Studies, Tourism Studies (Festivals and Leisure), Tourism Studies (Hospitality), Tourism With Human Resource Management, Toxicology, Transport Management, Transport Planning and Engineering, Veterinary Nursing, Wildlife Biology and Conservation.

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