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North West England, M15 6BH Manchester, All Saints Building

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1992
Students: 32795

Courses: Accountancy and Finance, Accounting and Business, Accounting and Finance, Acting, Acting, Advanced Computing, Advertising Management and Brand Management, American Popular Culture, American Popular Culture, Animal Behaviour, Animal Ecology, Applied Chemistry, Architecture and Urbanism, Art as Environment, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control, Automotive Engineering, Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology, Biological and Biomedical Psychology, Biology, Biology, Biology with study in North America, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science with Forensic Biology, Business, Business and Named Pathway, Business and Sport, Business Enterprise, Business Information Technology, Business Management, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Childhood and Youth Studies, Childhood and Youth Studies, Clinical Communication, Coaching and Sport Development, Combined Honours History, Combined Honours History, Community Arts, Computer and Communication Engineering, Computer and Network Technology, Computer Music Technology, Computer Music Technology, Computer-Aided Engineering, Conservation Biology, Conservation Biology, Consumer Marketing, Consumer Marketing and Product Development, Consumer Protection, Contemporary Crafts, Contemporary Curating, Contemporary Theatre and Performance, Countryside Management, Creative Writing, Creative Writing, Creative Writing, Creative Writing: part-time, Criminology, Critical Theory, Dance, Dental Technology, Design and Art Direction, Digital Media and Communications, Drama, Ecology and Conservation with option to study in North America, Ecology with option to study in North America, Education and Society, Educational Leadership and Management, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Systems Design, Embroidery, Engineering, English, English, English and American Literature, English and Creative Writing, English And Film, English as a Foreign Language, English as a Foreign Language, Environmental Health, Environmental Studies with option to study in North America, European Film, European Philosophy, European Urban Cultures, Events Management, Film and Media Studies, Film Television and Cultural Studies, Finance and Business, Financial Management, Financial Management, Financial Services, Financial Studies, Food and Nutrition, Food Management, Food Marketing, Food Technology, French Studies, Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Analysis, Geography, Geography, Geography with Geograpical Information Systems with option to study in North America, German Studies, Global Studies, Global Studies, History, History of Art and Design, Hospitality Business Management, Human Biology, Human Geography with option to study in North America, Human Nutrition, Human Resource Management and Business, Illustration with Animation, Informatics, Information and Communication Technology Applications, Information Technology, Interactive Arts, International Business, International Consumer Marketing, International Fashion Marketing, International Politics, International Politics, Landscape Architecture, Language and English as a Foreign Language, Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Law, Law and the Employment Relationship, Legal Studies, Legal Studies, Leisure Management, Librarianship, Management, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technical Authorship, Media Arts, Media Technology, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, Medieval and Modern History, Microbiology, Mobile Computing, Modern History, Movement for Theatre, Mulitmedia Technology, Mulitmedia Technology, Multimedia Computing, Organisational Change and Development Management, Outdoor Studies, Outdoor Studies, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Philosophy, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Geography, Physiology with Pharmacology, Political History, Politics, Popular Musics, Primary Education, Professional Accounting, Psychology, Psychology and Speech Pathology, Psychology of Self, Public Management Studies, Public Management Studies, Public Services, Representation in Cinema and Media, Retail Marketing Management, Robotics and Automation, School Business Management, Science of Sports Injury, Social Change, Social History, Social History, Social Justice, Social Justice, Sociology, Software Engineering, Spanish Studies, Special Educational Needs, Special Effects Technology, Special Effects Technology, Speech Pathology and Therapy, Sustainable Aviation, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development with Study in North America, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Textiles Design for Fashion, Textiles Design for Fashion, The Contemporary City, Three Dimensional Design, Three Dimensional Design, Tourism Management, Tourism Management, Urban Education, Urban Regeneration, Urban Studies, Urban Studies, Visual Culture, Web Development, Wildlife Biology, Youth and Community Work.

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