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East Midlands, LE11 3TU Loughborough, Epinal Way

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1909
Students: 17865

Courses: 3D Design: Ceramics, 3D Design: Furniture, 3D Design: Silversmithing and Jewellery, Accounting and Financial Management, Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management, Advanced Engineering - part time, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Advanced Methods in Aeronautical Engineering, Advanced Process Engineering, Advanced Systems Engineering, Aeronautical Engeneering, Aeronautical Engeneering, Analytical and Pharmaceutical Science, Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science, Architectural Engineering and Design Management, Automotive Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Automotive Materials, Automotive Materials, Automotive Systems Engineering, Banking and Finance, Banking and Financial Markets, Banking, Finance and Management, Building Services Engineering, Business Administration, Business Analysis and Management, Business Economics and Finance, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering with Environmental Protection, Chemical Engineering with Management, Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry and Information Technology, Chemistry and Information Technology, Chemistry and IT, Chemistry and Sports Science, Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry with Forensic Analysis, Chemistry with Forensic Analysis, Civil Engineering, Coaching, Communications and Media Studies, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence, Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence, Computer Science and e-Business, Computer Science and e-Business, Computing and Management, Construction Management, Construction Project Management, Construction Project Management, Creative Writing, Criminology and Social Policy, Design with Engineering Materials, Digital Communication Systems, Early-Modern Writing 1560-1780, Economics, Economics and Finance, Economics with Accounting, Electrical and Renewable Energy Systems Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Design, Engineering Design and Manufacture, Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics, English, English and Sports Science, Environmental Monitoring for Management, Environmental Studies, Ergonomics, Ergonomics, European and International Studies, Exercise Physiology, Finance and Management, Financial Mathematics, Fine Art: Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture, Geography, Geography and Management, Geography and Sport and Leisure Management, Geography and Sports Science, Geography with Economics, Global Transformations, Human Biology, Human Geography Research, Industrial Design, Industrial Design, Industrial Design, Industrial Design and Technology, Industrial Mathematical Modelling, Information and Knowledge Management, Information and Library Management, Information and Library Management, Information Management and Business Studies, Information Management and Computing, Information Science, Information Technology and Mathematics, Information Technology and Physics, Information Technology Management for Business, Innovative Manufacturing Technology, International Banking, International Business, International Economics, International Financial and Political Relations, International Management, International Relations, Management, Management Sciences, Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Marketing and Management, Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering, Materials with Management Studies, Mathematical Processes in Biology, Mathematical Processes in Finance, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management, Mathematics and Computing, Mathematics and Economics, Mathematics and Management, Mathematics and Sports Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechatronics, Mobile Communications, Modern and Contemporary Writing, Money, Banking and Finance, Networked Communication, Occupational Health, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science and Medicinal Chemistry, Physical Activity and Health, Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy, Physics, Physics, Physics and Mathematics, Physics and Mathematics, Process Technology and Management, Product Design and Manufacture, Product Design and Manufacture, Product Design and Technology, Psychology, Psychology with Ergonomics, Publishing with E-Business, Publishing with English, Renewable Energy Systems Technology, Research Methods: European and International, Retail Management, Social Psychology, Sociology, Sociology of Sport, Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Leisure Management, Sport Management, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Science, Sports Science and Mathematics, Sports Science and Physics, Sports Science and Social Science, Sports Science with Management, Sports Technology, Sustainability in the Built Environment, Sustainable Infrastructure Services Management, Sustainable Product Design, Sustainable Product Design, Sustainable Product Design, Sustainable Transport and Travel Planning, Textile Design: Multi-Media Textiles, Textile Design: Printed Textiles, Textile Design: Woven Textiles, Transport Policy and Business Management, User-Centred Product Design, User-Centred Product Design, User-Centred Product Design, Virtual Product Design, Virtual Product Design, Virtual Product Design, Visual Communication: Graphic Communication, Visual Communication: Illustration, Water and Enivonmental Management, Water and Waste Engineering.

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