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Yorkshire and the Humber, LS18 5HD Leeds, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1966
Students: 2500

Courses: Bi-Media Radio and TV, Radio or Print Journalism, Business, Business and Enterprise, Business and Management, Business Studies, Business with Human Resource Management, Business with Law, Business with Marketing, Business with Sport and Leisure, Childhood and Youth, Communications and Cultural Analysis, Early Years, Education Studies, Educational Leadership, English, English, English and Film Studies, English and History, English and Media, English and Writing, Film and TV Studies, Film Studies, Forensic Psychology, Health Promotion and Development, History, History, Hospitality Management, Journalism, Journalism, Journalism: Business, Literature and Spirituality, Management, Marketing, Media, Media and Marketing, Media Studies, Nutrition and Health with Psychology, Primary Education in the Early Years 3-8, Primary Education in the Junior Years 7-11, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology with Nutrition and Health, Psychology with Sport and Exercise, Public Communication, Public Health Nutrition, Religious Studies, Sociology, Special Needs Education, Sport and Exercise with Psychology, Sport, Health and Leisure and Media, Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition, Sport, Health, Leisure and Nutrition, Sports Journalism, Supporting Young People, Children and Families, Theology, Theology, Victorian Studies, Victorian Studies, Writing for Media.

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