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North West England, LA1 4YW Lancaster, University House

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1964
Students: 17415

Courses: Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Accounting, Finance and Computer Science, Accounting, Finance and Computer Science, Accounting, Finance and Mathematics, Advertising and Marketing, American Studies, American Studies and Organisation Studies, Anthropology of Religion, Biochemistry, Biochemistry / North America - Australasia, Biochemistry with Biomedicine, Biochemistry with Genetics, Biological Sciences, Biological Sciences / North America - Australasia, Biological Sciences with Biomedicine, Biology with Geography, Biology with Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedicine and Medical Statistics, Business Computing and Information Systems, Business Economics, Business Economics / North America - Australasia, Business Studies, Business Studies - Finance, Business Studies / North America - Australasia, Business Studies- Accounting, Cell Biology, Cell Biology / North America - Australasia, Cell Biology with Biomedicine, Combined Sciences, Combined Technology, Comined Science / North America - Australasia, Computer Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Computer Science and Music, Computer Science and Music, Computer Science Innovation, Computer Science Innovation, Computer Science with Multimedia Systems, Computer Science with Software Engeneering, Computer Systems Engeneering, Computer Systems Engeneering, Computing and European Languages, Creative Arts, Criminology, Criminology and Sociology, Earth and Environmental Science, Earth Science with Geography, Ecology, Ecology / North America - Australasia, Economics, Economics / North America - Australasia, Economics and Geography, Economics and International Relations, Economics and Mathematics, Economics and Politics, Electronic Communication Systems, Electronic Communication Systems, Electronic Systems Engeneering, Energy Technology, Energy Technology, Engeneering, Engeneering / North America - Australasia, Engeneering / North America - Australasia, English Language, English Language / North America, English Language and French Studies, English Language and German Studies, English Language and Linguistics, English Language and Literature, English Language and Sociolinguistics, English Language and the Media, English Language and the Media / North America, English Language with Creative Writing, English Literature, English Literature and History, English Literature and Linguistics, English Literature and Music, English Literature and Philospphy, English Literature and Religious Studies, English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice, Entrepreneurship with Management, Environmental Biology, Environmental Biology / North America - Australasia, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Mathematics, Environmental Science, Ethics, Philosophy and Religion, European Languages and Film Studies, European Languages and Management Studies, European Legal Studies, European Management - German, European Management - Italian, European Management - Spanish, European Management- French, European Management- German, European Politics, Society and Culture, European Studies, Film and Cultural Studies, Film Studies and Philosophy, Film Studies and Sociology, Finance, Finance and Economics, Financial Mathematics, Fine Art, French Studies, French Studies and Computing, French Studies and English Literature, French Studies and Geography, French Studies and German Studies, French Studies and History, French Studies and Italian Studies, French Studies and Linguistics, French Studies and Mathematics, French Studies and Music, French Studies and Philosophy, French Studies and Politics, French Studies and Psychology, French Studies and Spanish Studies, French Studies and Theatre Studies, Geography, Geography, Geography - Environmental Changes, Geography / North America, Geography / North America, Geography with Earth Science, German Studies, German Studies and Computing, German Studies and Geography, German Studies and History, German Studies and Italian Studies, German Studies and Linguistics, German Studies and Mathematics, German Studies and Music, German Studies and Philosophy, German Studies and Politics, German Studies and Psychology, Global Politics, History, History and International Relations, History and Music, History and Philosophy, History and Politics, History and Religious Studies, History, Philosophy and Politics, History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Human Geography, Information Technology and Media Communications, Information Technology and Media Communications, International Relations and Strategic Studies, Italian Studies and Computing, Italian Studies and Geography, Italian Studies and History, Italian Studies and Linguistics, Italian Studies and Mathematics, Italian Studies and Music, Italian Studies and Philosophy, Italian Studies and Psychology, Italian Studies and Spanish Studies, Law and Criminology, Law- International, Linguistics, Linguistics / North America, Linguistics and Philosophy, Linguistics and Psychology, Management, Management / North America - Australasia, Management and Entrepreneurship, Management and Information Technology, Management and Organisation, Management Science, Management Science / North America - Australasia, Marketing, Marketing / North America - Australasia, Marketing Management, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics / North America - Australasia, Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, Mechanical Engeneering, Mechanical Engeneering, Mechatronic Engeneering, Mechatronic Engeneering, Media and Cultural Studies, Medicine and Surgery, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern Languages, Music Technology, Natural Sciences, Natural Sciences / North America, Nuclear Engeneering, Operations Management, Operations Management / North America - Australasia, Organisation and Sociology, Organisation Studies and Psychology, Peace Studies and International Relations, Philosophy, Philosophy and Politics, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Physical Geography, Physical Geography / Australasia, Physics / North America, Physics / North America, Politics, Politics / North America, Politics with International Relations, Psychology, Psychology, Psychology and Statistics, Psychology in Education, Religious Studies, Religious Studies and Sociology, Social History, Social Work, Sociolinguistics, Sociolinguistics / North America, Sociology, Spanish Studies, Spanish Studies and Computing, Spanish Studies and English Literature, Spanish Studies and Geography, Spanish Studies and History, Spanish Studies and Linguistics, Spanish Studies and Mathematics, Spanish Studies and Music, Spanish Studies and Philosophy, Spanish Studies and Politics, Spanish Studies and Psychology, Spanish Studies and Theatre Studies, Statistics, Statistics, Statistics / North America - Australasia, Sustainable Engeneering, Sustainable Engeneering, Telecommunications with Management, Telecommunications with Management, Theatre Studies, Theatre Studies and English Literature, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Physics with Mathematics, Theoretical Physics with Mathematics.

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