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East of England, CO4 3SQ Colchester, Wivenhoe Park

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1964
Students: 10290

Courses: Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Management, Accounting and Mathematics, Accounting with Economics, Acting, American (United States) Studies, American (United States) Studies with Film, American History, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Biochemistry, Biodiversity and Conservation, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, British and European History, Business and Service Industry Management, Business Management, Business Management and / with Modern Languages, Clinical Physiology (Cardiology), Community Theatre, Comparative Literature, Computer Games Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Computing and Management, Computing and Mathematics, Contemporary History, Contemporary Theatre, Creative Writing, Criminology and American Studies, Criminology and Social Psychology, Criminology with Social Psychology, Design for Contemporary Performance, Digital Animation, Digital Imaging and Interactive Media, Digital Media Engineering, Drama and Literature, Drama and Modern Languages, Early Years Education, Ecology, Economics, Economics (European Exchange), Economics (International Exchange), Economics and Mathematics, Economics and Politics, Economics with French, Economics with German, Economics with Italian, Economics with Mathematics, Economics with Spanish, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Computers, Embedded Computer Systems, English and European Laws, English and French Laws, English and United States Literature, English Language, English Language and English Language Teaching, English Language and Linguistics, English Language and Literature, English Language and Sociolinguistics, English Language, Language Acquisition and Language Disorders, English Literature, English Literature and / with Modern Languages, European Studies, European Studies and Modern Languages, European Studies with French, European Studies with German, European Studies with Italian, European Studies with Politics, European Studies with Spanish, Fashion Design, Film Studies, Film Studies and History of Art, Film Studies and Literature, Finance, Finance and Mathematics, Financial Management, Fine Art, French Studies and Modern Languages, Genetics, Graphic Design, Health and Human Sciences, Health Care Practice (Learning Disability), Health Care Practice (Mental Health), Health Care Practice (Primary Care), Health Studies, Health Studies and Sociology, History, History and / with Modern Languages, History and Criminology, History and Economics, History and Literature, History and Sociology, History of Art, History of Art and / with Modern Languages, History of Art and American Studies, History of Modern and Contemporary Art, History with Film Studies, Human Rights, Humanities, Interior Design, International Economics, International Economics, International Enterprise and Business Development, International Relations and Politics, Internet Technology, Language and Communication, Language Studies, Latin American Studies, Latin American Studies with Business Management, Latin American Studies with Human Rights, Law, Law and Human Rights, Law and Human Rights, Law and Philosophy, Law and Politics, Linguistics, Literature and / with Modern Languages, Literature and History of Art, Literature and Myth, Literature and Sociology, Management and Mathematics, Management Economics, Management Economics, Management, Mathematics and Economics, Marine and Freshwater Biology, Marketing and Innovation, Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics for Secondary Teaching, Mathematics with Computing, Mathematics with Economics, Mathematics, Cryptography and Network Security, Modern History, Modern History and International Relations, Modern History and Politics, Modern Languages, Modern Languages and English Language, Modern Languages and Linguistic Studies, Modern Languages and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Modern Languages with German Studies, Modern Languages with Italian Studies, Modern Languages with Portuguese Studies, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry, Music Production, Natural Sciences, New Technology and Digital Enterprise Management, New Venture Creation and Enterprise Management, Philosophy, Philosophy and / with Modern Languages, Philosophy and History, Philosophy and Law, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy and Politics, Philosophy and Sociology, Philosophy with Human Rights, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Physical Theatre, Politics and Law, Politics and Modern Languages, Politics and Sociology, Politics with Human Rights, Popular Culture, Psychology, Psychology, Secure Computer Systems, Social and Cultural History, Social Psychology and Sociology, Social Studies, Social Work, Sociolinguistics, Sociology, Sociology and Criminology, Sociology and Media Studies, Sociology with Human Rights, Software Engineering, Spanish Studies and Modern Languages, Special Education Studies, Specialist Performance Skills (Stage Combat), Sports and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Biology, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Technical Theatre Studies, Telecommunication Engineering, Television Production and Screen Media.

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