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Greater London, E16 2RD London, 4-6 University Way

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1970
Students: 18065

Courses: Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Acting, Acupuncture, Advocacy, Animation, Anthropology, Applied Biology, Applied Educational and Child Psychology, Applied Linguistics, Applied Positive Psychology, Applied Psychology, Applied Psychosynthesis, Architecture, Architecture, Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, Architecture: Alternative Urbanisms, Architecture: Computing and Design, Architecture: Interpretation and Theories, Architecture: Landscape, Architecture: Material Matters, Architecture: Sustainability and Design, Art History, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Immunology, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Science, Bioscience, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Management, Business Economics, Business Finance, Business Foundation, Business Information Systems, Business Information Systems, Business Management (Finance), Business Management (Human Resources), Business Management (Marketing), Business Studies, Business Studies (Entrepreneurship), Business Studies and Law, Careers, Child and Adolescent Primary Mental Health Care Work, Child Protection and Complex Child Care, Childhood Studies, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Surveying, Clinical Sciences, Communication Studies, Community Arts Practice, Community Services and Enterprise, Complementary Therapies, Computer and Business Information Technology, Computer Design Technology, Computer Games Design, Computer Games Technology, Computer Networks, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Technology, Computer Technology, Computing, Computing and Electronics, Connexions Personal Advisers, Consumer and Promotional Culture, Contemporary Art and Design Practice, Contemporary Art and Visual Media, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Counselling Aspects in Education: Emotional Factors in Learning and Teaching, Counselling in Educational Settings, Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice, Couple Therapy, Creative and Professional Writing, Creative Business and Information Technologies, Criminology, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies, Cybernetic Culture: Media, Digital Arts and the Body-Machine, Dance: Urban Practice, Data Mining and Knowledge Management, Digital Arts and Moving Image, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Learning Multimedia, Early Childhood Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Economics, Education, Education and Community Development, Education Studies, Education Studies with Information and Communication Techology, Educational and Child Psychology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Emotional Factors in Learning and Teaching - Couselling Aspects in Education, English Language, English Language Teaching, English Literature, Enterprise Computing - Business Information Systems, Enterprise Computing - Information Technology, Enterprise Computing - Internet Engineering, Environmental and Energy Studies, Events Management, Evolutionary Approaches to Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology, Exercise Science and Health, Facilitating Learning and Development (Pedagogy), Fashion Design, Fashion Design with Marketing, Fashion Futures, Film and Video: Theory and Practice, Film History, Film Studies, Film, Video and New Screen Media, Finance, Money and Banking, Financial Management, Financial Services, Fine Art, Fine Art, Fitness and Health, Forensic Sciences, Fostering and Adoption Studies, Gender, Sexualities and Ethnic Studies, General Management, Geographical Information Science, Global Media, Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Health Promotion, Health Promotion, Health Services Management, Health Studies, Herbal Medicine, History, Human Biology, Human Resource Management, Human Rights, Illustration, Imaginative Practice, Immunology, Infant Mental Health, Information and Communication Technologies in International Development, Information Security and Computer Forensics, Information Security Systems, Information Technology, Information Technology, Innovation Studies, Innovative Technology, Int Contemporary Art and Design Practice, Interactive Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Interactive Media Practice, International Business, International Business, International Development and the Third World, International Development: The Third World, International Development: The Third World with NGO Management, International Fashion Futures, International Human Resource Management, International Law and Criminal Justice, International Law and World Economy, International Legal Studies, International Marketing Management, International Politics, International Social Work and Community Development Studies, International Tourism Management, Internet Engineering, Internet Technologies, Investment Banking and Securities, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Journalism, Journalism and Society, Journalism Studies, Landscape Architecture, Language and Education, Law, Law, Law with Criminology, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Linguistics (Applied), Local Government Management, Magazines, Marketing, Marketing for Design, Marketing Management, Media and Advertising, Media and Communications Technology, Media Studies, Media Studies, Medical Biotechnology, Mobile Communications, Molecular Medical Microbiology, Moving Image, Multimedia, Multimedia Technology, Music Culture, Music Culture: Theory and Production, Music Industry Management, Music Practice and Technology, Music Technology, Narrative Research, NGO and Development Management, Nutrition for Healthcare Practitioners, Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Oriental Herbal Medicine, Performing Arts in the Community, Pharmacology, Photo and Print Media, Photography, Physical Activity and Health, Physiotherapy, Pipeline Technology and Network Management, Playwork and Youth Studies, Podiatric Medicine, Popular Music Performance, Printed Textile Design and Surface Decoration, Printmaking and Drawing, Product Design, Product Design Futures, Project Management, Psychoanalytic Approaches: Consultation and the Organisation, Psychoanalytic Studies, Psychoanalytic Study of the Couple Relationship, Psychoanalytical Observational Studies, Psychodynamic Approaches to Working with Adolescents, Psychodynamic Approaches to Working with People with Learning Disabilities, Psychodynamic Psychosocial Nursing, Psychology, Psychology for Personal and Professional Development, Psychology Studies, Psychology Studies and Criminology, Psychosocial Studies, Psychosynthesis Counselling, Psychosynthesis Foundations, Psychosynthesis Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis Studies, Public and Community Service, Public Health, Public Health, Public Services, Refugee Studies, Refugee Studies and Community Development, Risk Management, Social Care, Social Enterprise, Social Enterprise, Development and Management, Social Work, Social Work, Social Work Studies, Social Work: Integrative Programme, Sociology, Software Engineering, Sonic Culture: Sound, Arts and Media in the Digital Age, Special Educational Needs, Special Educational Needs, Spiritual, Religious and Cultural Care, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport Management, Sports Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Surveying and Mapping Sciences, Sustainability and Design, Systemic Psychotherapy, Systemic Theory and Practice, Technology and E-Commerce, Technology Management, Terrorism Studies, Theatre Directing, Theatre Studies, Toxicology, Toxicology, Transpersonal and Integrative Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy, Urban Renewal, Visual Theories, Voluntary Sector Studies, Wildlife Conservation, Work Based Learning, Work Psychology, Working with Groups, Working with People with Eating Disorders, Youth and Community Work.

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