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Greater London, EC1V 0HB London, Northampton Square

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1894
Students: 23680

Courses: Actuarial Management, Actuarial Science, Actuarial Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Air Safety Management, Air Transport Engineering, Air Transport Engineering, Air Transport Management, Air Transport Operations, Air Transport Studies, Aircraft Maintenance Management, Analysis and Design of Structures for Hazards, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive and Motor Sport Engineering, Automotive and Motor Sport Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Banking and International Finance, Banking and International Finance, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Broadcast Journalism, Business Administration, Business Computing Systems, Business Economics, Business Studies, Business Systems Analysis and Design, Charity Accounting and Financial Management, Charity Marketing and Fundraising, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Structures, Civil Engineering with Architecture, Civil Engineering with Architecture, Civil Engineering with Surveying, Civil Engineering with Surveying, Clinical Optometry, Communication Policy Studies, Communications, Communities, Organisations and Social Change, Composition (Electroacoustic), Composition (Instrumental and Vocal), Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science with Distributed Systems, Computer Science with Games Technology, Computer Science with Music Technology, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Construction Management, Counselling Psychology, Creative Writing (Nonfiction), Creative Writing (Novels), Creative Writing (Plays and Screenplays), Criminal Litigation, Criminology, Cultural Leadership, e-Business Systems, Economic Evaluation in Health Care, Economic Regulation and Competition, Economics, Economics and Accountancy, Education, Training and Development of Adults, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Publishing, Electronic Publishing, Energy, Environmental Technology and Economics, Energy, Trade and Finance, Engineering and Energy Management, Engineering and Energy Management, Engineering Foundation Programme, Engineering Foundation Programme, English and French Laws, Erasmus Mundus Global Journalism Master, Executive MBA, Executive MBA China, Executive MBA Dubai, Executive MBA Modular, Finance, Financial Crime and Compliance, Financial Economics, Financial Economics, Financial Mathematics, Food Policy, Gender, Globalisation and Development, Geographic Information Management, Geographic Information Systems, Grantmaking Management, Health and Pharmaceutical Information, Health Economics, Health Informatics, Health Psychology, Healthcare Technologies, Housing and Environmental Law, Human Communication, Human Rights, Human-Centred Systems, Information Management, Information Management in the Cultural Sector, Information Management in the Cultural Sector, Information Science, Information Systems, Information Systems, Information Systems and Technology, Insurance and Risk Management, International Accounting and Finance, International Business Economics, International Commercial Law, International Communications and Development, International Journalism, International Law, International Politics, International Politics, International Politics and Human Rights, International Politics and Sociology, Interprofessional Practice, Interprofessional Practice: Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Interprofessional Practice: Civil Emergency Management, Interprofessional Practice: Society, Violence and Practice, Investigative Journalism, Investment and Financial Risk Management, Investment Management, Joint Professional Practice, Journalism and Contemporary History, Journalism and Social Science, Law, Law and Property Valuation, Legal Translation, Library and Information Studies, Library and Information Studies, Logistics, Trade and Finance, Magazine Journalism Diploma, Management, Management, Maritime Operations and Management, Mathematical Science with Computer Science, Mathematical Science with Computer Science, Mathematical Science with Finance and Economics, Mathematical Science with Finance and Economics, Mathematical Science with Statistics, Mathematical Science with Statistics, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Trading and Finance, Mathematics and Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Media and Communications, Media and Human Rights, Media Communication Systems, Media Law, Midwifery, Midwifery, Multimedia and Internet Systems, Multimedia and Internet Systems, Music, Music, Music, Music Information Technology, Music Performance Studies, Musicology, Musicology (Ethnomusicology), Musicology (Popular Music Studies), Newspaper Journalism, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Nursing, Nursing, Nursing (Advanced Nursing Practice), Nursing: Adult, Child or Mental Health, Optometry, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Psychology, Political Campaigning, Political Communication, Primary Care, Primary Care (District Nursing), Professional Practice, Property Valuation and Law, Psychology, Psychology and Health, Public Health, Publishing Studies, Quality, Management, Statistical Methods and Reliability, Quantitative Finance, Race and Ethnicity, Radiography, Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging), Radiography (Principles of Computed Tomography), Radiography (Principles of Medical Magnetic Resonance), Radiography (Radiotherapy), Real Estate, Real Estate Finance and Investment, Real Estate Investment, Refugee Studies, Research Methods and Psychology, Risk Analysis and Insurance, Shipping, Trade and Finance, Social Research Methods, Social Research Methods and Sociology, Social Research Methods and Statistics, Sociology, Sociology, Sociology and Criminology, Sociology and Media Studies, Sociology with Economics, Sociology with Psychology, Software Engineering, Software Engineering, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Specialist Studies, Speech and Language Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Systems and Control, Systems and Control Engineering, Systems and Control Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks, Television Current Affairs Journalism, Transnational Media and Globalisation, Voluntary Sector Management.

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