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South West England, BA2 9BN Bath, Newton Park, Newton St Loe

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1975
Students: 6595

Courses: 3D Design: Ceramics, Art, Biology, Biology, Business and Management, Business and Management, Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities, Creating and Developing Your Business, Creative Arts, Creative Music Technology, Creative Music Technology, Creative Writing, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies, Dance, Dance, Design, Design: Brand Development, Design: Ceramics, Design: Fashion and Textiles, Design: Interaction Design, Diet and Health, Drama, Drama, Ecological Impact Assessment, Education, Education Leading, Education Leading, Education Studies, Education Studies: Early Years Education - International Education, Education Studies: Early Years Education - International Education, English Literature, English Literature, English Literature, Environmental Science, Fashion and Textile Design, Film and Screen Studies, Film and Screen Studies, Fine Art, Fine Art, Food, Nutrition and Consumer Protection, Food, Nutrition and Consumer Protection, Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Geography, Graphic Communication, Health Studies, Health Studies, Health Studies, Health Studies: Healthcare Management, Health Studies: Public Health for Practitioners, History, History, Human Nutrition, Irish Studies, Media Communications, Media Communications, Music, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Ethics, Philosophy and Ethics, Professional Learning, Psychology, Psychology, Scriptwriting, Sociology, Sociology, Study of Religions, Study of Religions, Textile Design Studies, Tourism Management, Writing for Young People.

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