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West Midlands, B4 7ET Birmingham, Aston Triangle

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1966
Students: 7000

Courses: Accounting for Management, Applied Linguistics, Audiology, Automotive Product Design, Biological Chemistry, Biological Sciences Programes, Biology - Applied and Human, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Sciences, Bioscience Technology, Business and IT, Business and Management, Business and Management Programmes, Business Computing and IT, Business Research and Consultancy, Business Studies, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Chemical Process Technology, Chemistry / Applied Chemistry, Chemistry / Applied Chemistry, Chemistry and Applied Chemistry Programmes, Chemistry and Applied Chemistry Programmes, Chemistry, Technology and Design, Citizenship and Culture in Modern France, Clinical Community Pharmacy, Communications Engineering, Computing for Business, Computing Science, Construction Management / Project Management, Contemporary Modern Language Studies for Teachers, Design, Design Engineering, Drug Delivery, Drug Design, E-Business, Economics and Management, Educational Management in TESOL (EMT), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, ElectroMechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Electronic Engineering with Management Studies, Electronic Product Design, Electronic Systems Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering with Management Studies, Engineering Management, Engineering Product Design, English Language, European Union and International Relations, Finance and Investments, French, French and German, French and Spanish, French and- or German Translation Studies, French with Economics, German, German and / or French / Spanish Translation Studies, German and French / Spanish, German Cultural Studies, German with Economics, Health Psychology, Human Biology, Human Psychology, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management and Business, Industrial Enterprise Management, Industrial Product Design, Infection and Immunity, Informatics Systems, Information Mathematics, International Business, International Business and Economics, International Business and French / German / Spanish, International Business and Management, International Business and Modern Languages, Internet Computing, Internet Engineering, Internet Systems, Internet Technology, Law with Management, Law with Management, Logistics Management, Management, Management and Strategy, Management Research, Marketing Management, Master of Business Administration, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Product Design, Multimedia Computing / Technology, Multimedia Digital Systems, Operational Research and Management Studies, Operational Research and Performance Management, Optometry, Organisational Psychology and Business, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy, Photonic Networks, Polymer Engineering and Science, Primary Care Clinical Pharmacy, Product Design and Management, Product Design Programmes, Psychology, Psycological Research Methods, Rehabilitation Studies, Research in Pattern Analysis and Neutral Networks, Spanish, Sustable Product Design, Teaching English for Specific Purposes (TESP), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL), Technology and Enterprise Management, Telecomunications Technology, TESOL and Translation Studies, TESOL Studies, Translation in a European Context, Translation Studies, Translation Studies - French and / or German / Spanish, Transport Management, Work Psychology and Business.

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