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East of England, CB1 1PT Cambridge, East Road

Sponsorship: Public
Founding year: 1858
Students: 28070

Courses: Accounting and Finance, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Advertising Design, Animal Behaviour, Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare, Animal Behaviour and Ecology and Conservation, Animal Behaviour and Psychology, Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Biology, Animal Welfare, Animal Welfare and Psychology, Applied Biomedical Sciences, Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Architectural Technology, Architecture, Aromatherapy, Arts Management, Audio and Music Technology, Audio Technology and Computer Science, Audio Technology and Creative Music Technology, Audio Technology and Electronics, Audio Technology and Internet Technology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Science, Building Surveying, Built Environment Portfolio, Business and Law, Business and Social Policy, Business Economics, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Business Studies, Cell and Molecular Biology, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Civil Engineering, Coaching Science, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Communication Studies, Communication Studies and Film Studies, Communication Studies and Music, Computer Aided Product Design, Computer Aided Visualisation, Computer Games and Visual Effects, Computer Gaming and Animation Technology, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science and Internet Technology, Computer Science with English as a Foreign Language, Construction and Design, Construction Management, Corporate Governance, Corporate Management, Creative Music Technology, Creative Music Technology and Film Studies, Creative Music Technology and Music, Creative on-Line Design, Creative Writing, Criminology, Criminology and Sociology, Delievered in Cambridge Audio Technology and Electronics, Drama, Drama and English, Drama and Film Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Early Primary Education, Ecology and Conservation, Ecology and Conservation and Wildlife Biology, Education Studies and Early Childhood Education, Electronics, Electronics and Computer Science, Electronics and Internet Technology, English, English, English and Communication Studies, English and Film Studies, English as a Foreign Language, English Language, English Language and Communication Studies, English Language and English, English Language Teaching and English as a Foreign Language, English Language Teaching and English Language, Environmental Planning, Environmental Planning, Equine Science, Fashion Design, Film and Television Producing, Film Studies, Film Studies and History, Film Studies and Media Studies, Film Studies and Sociology, Film, Television and Theatre Design, Fine Art, Forensic and Medical Biology, Forensic Science and Criminology, Forensic Science and Psychology, Forensic Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Genetics and Medical Biology, Genetics and Microbiology, Graphic and Typographic Design, Graphic and Web Design, Graphic Design, Health and Social Care, Health Psychology, History, History and English, History and Sociology, Housing, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Illustration, Illustration and Animation, Integral Therapeutic Counselling, Integrated Engineering, Intercultural Communication, Interior Design, International and European Business Law, International Business, International Business Economics, International Business English, International Business Law, International Business, English Programme with Sittard, Netherlands, International Business, French Programme with Clermont Ferrand, International Business, German Programme with Berlin, International Business, German Programme with Landshut, International Management, International Sports Law, Internet Enterprise, Law, Law and Criminology, Learning, Technology and Research, Management, Management and Leadership, Management of Engineering and Logistics, Marine Biology and Animal Behaviour, Marine Biology and Ecology and Conservation, Marine Biology and Natural History, Marine Biology and Wildlife Biology, Marketing, Marketing and Innovation, Media Studies, Media Studies and Drama, Microbiology, Midwifery, Mobile Media Technology, Multimedia Computing, Music, Music and Drama, Music and English, Music Therapy, Natural History and Animal Behaviour, Natural History and Ecology and Conservation, Natural History and Wildlife Biology, Network Management, Network Security, New Media Production Technology, New Media Production Technology, Nursing (Adult), Nursing (Child), Nursing (Learning Disabilities), Nursing (Mental Health), Ophthalmic Dispensing, Optical Management, Optometry, Palliative Care, Pastoral Theology, Philosophy, Philosophy and Drama, Philosophy and English, Philosophy and Film Studies, Photography, Primary Education, Primary Education with Modern Foreign Languages, Primary Teaching and Learning, Printmaking, Professional Legal Studies, Property and Surveying, Psychology, Psychology and Criminology, Psychology and Law, Psychology and Music, Psychology and Sociology, Psychosocial Studies, Public Health, Public Service, Public Service Management, Quantity Surveying, Real Estate Management, Reflexology, Social Policy, Social Policy and Criminology, Social Policy and Law, Social Policy and Sociology, Social Work, Social Work, Sociology, Sociology and English, Sociology and Media Studies, Sport, Health and Exercise, Sports Psychology, Sports Science, Time Based Art, Tourism Management, Tourism Studies, Town Planning, Wildlife Biology, Writing, Writing and Drama, Writing and English, Writing and Film Studies, Zoology.

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