Vologodskaya Oblast


Vologodskaya Oblast' is the land of White Nights and Blue Lakes. There are about thousand monuments of history and culture in the region

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Visit Russia, and make your own opinion about this mysterious country of turbulent history and rich, multifaceted culture


Cities Belozersk on map Belozersk video Belozersk

Belozersk, one the oldest Russian towns, retains charm of old day's Russian province. Belozersky Kremlin, ancient churches, stone and wooden merchant's mansions of 19 c.


Cities Totma on map Totma video Totma

Totma preserves the tranquill atmosphere of small provincial town: quiet narrow streets, abundance of trees, ancient merchant houses, churches in Totma Baroque style

Veliky Ustyug

Cities Veliky Ustyug on map Veliky Ustyug video Veliky Ustyug

Veliky Ustyug is most beautiful city with white stone temples and old merchant mansions, a true gem of Russian North, the home of Russian Ded Moroz (Father Frost)


Cities Vologda on map Vologda video Vologda

The ancient city of Vologda is a keeper of age-old Russian traditions, a treasury of wooden and white stone architecture, a large center of folk handicrafts and trades

Cathedral of Nativity of Virgin

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Cathedral of Nativity of Virgin on map Cathedral of Nativity of Virgin video Cathedral of Nativity of Virgin

Cathedral of Navity of Virgin (1490) was the first stone building in Ferapontov monastery. There are preserved frescoes and icons painted by Dionisius the Wise

Ferapontov Monastery

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Ferapontov Monastery on map Ferapontov Monastery video Ferapontov Monastery

Ferapontov Monastery, founded in 1327, is inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List. There is Museum of Dionisius' Frescoes in Cathedral of Nativity of Virgin

Goritsky Monastery of Resurrection

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Goritsky Monastery of Resurrection on map Goritsky Monastery of Resurrection video Goritsky Monastery of Resurrection

Goritsky Convent of Resurrection (1544), picturesquely situated on the Sheksna shore, fascinates with its beauty and organic integration with surrounding landscape

Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery

Temples, churches, pagodas, mosques Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery on map Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery video Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery

Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, founded in 1397, is celebrated for its monuments of white stone architecture, unique samples of wooden architecture and Museum of Icons

Lake Beloye

Lakes Lake Beloye on map Lake Beloye video Lake Beloye

Lake Beloye, a large quiet lake with picturesque wooded shores, forms a part of Sheksna Reservoir and is famous for abundance of fish

Maura Mountain

Mountains, caves, canons Maura Mountain on map Maura Mountain video Maura Mountain

Maura (Black) Mountain is a monument of nature in national park "Russian North". Wooden chapel, wonder-making stone with foot-imprint of Saint Kirill Belozersky

Northern Dvina CanalNorthern Dvina Canal

Rivers, channels Northern Dvina CanalNorthern Dvina Canal on map Northern Dvina CanalNorthern Dvina Canal video Northern Dvina CanalNorthern Dvina Canal

Northern-Dvina canal (1823-29) connects the Sheksna river (part of Volga-Baltic Waterway) and Sukhona river (tributary of Northern Dvina. There are 6 sluices and 8 dams there

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Oblast_Vologda (Acèh), فولوغدا_أوبلاست (العربية), Voloqda_Vilayəti (Azərbaycan), Валагодская_вобласць (Беларуская), Vologodska_oblast (Bosanski), Вологодска_област (Български), Província_de_Vólogda (Català), Vologdská_oblast (Česky), Oblast_Wologda (Deutsch), Vologda_oblast (Eesti), Περιφέρεια_Βόλογκντα (Ελληνικά), Вологдань_ёнкс (Эрзянь), Óblast_de_Vólogda (Español), Vologda_provinco (Esperanto), Vologdako_Oblasta (Euskara), استان_ولوگدا (فارسی), Oblast_de_Vologda (Français), Cúige_Vologda (Gaeilge), 볼로그다_주 (한국어), Vologodska_oblast (Hrvatski), Oblast_Vologda (Bahasa Indonesia), Вологдæйы_облæст (Иронау), Oblast'_di_Vologda (Italiano), מחוז_וולוגדה (עברית), ვოლოგდის_ოლქი (ქართული), Vologda_Oblast (Kiswahili), Вӧлӧгда_обласьт (Коми), Vologdas_apgabals (Latviešu), Vologdos_sritis (Lietuvių), Вологодска_област (Македонски), Wilayah_Vologda (Bahasa Melayu), Oblast_Vologda (Nederlands), ヴォログダ州 (日本語), Vologda_oblast (‪Norsk (bokmål)‬), Vologda_oblast (‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬), ولوگدا (پنجابی), Obwód_wołogodzki (Polski), Oblast_de_Vologda (Português), Regiunea_Vologda (Română), Вологодская_область (Русский), Вологда_уобалаhа (Саха тыла), Vologdská_oblasť (Slovenčina), Vologdska_oblast (Slovenščina), Вологдска_област (Српски / Srpski), Vologodska_oblast (Srpskohrvatski / Српскохрватски), Vologdan_alue (Suomi), Vologda_oblast (Svenska), Vologda_Oblastı (Türkçe), Вологодська_область (Українська), Vologda_(tỉnh) (Tiếng Việt), Vologda_Oblast (Winaray), 沃洛格达州 (中文) •