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Many Caribbean islands are synonymous with “magic,” but the kind of magic found in Martinique is, quite simply, culinary.

Cooking here is an art practiced by wizardly chefs who can take something very ordinary, like spiny sea urchins, do secret things to them, and — with just a whisper of “open sesame” to the oven door — bring forth a soufflé that is positively spellbinding. Food sets Martinique apart from the other Caribbean islands.

Martinique cuisine is a culinary fusion drawing on French “savoir-faire , African generosity, a medley of spices from India and a chorus of other Caribbean and European influences.

The subtle blends of scents and spices will enchant you with their heady aroma and seduce your palate with sophisticated and exotic flavors.

Our cuisine is generous and multi-faceted, with intriguing specialties such as Colombo curry, codfish acras, fish blaff.

The island features a large variety of restaurants offering a wide selection, from gastronomic classic French or fusion cuisine to family-style delightful creole cuisine.

Martinique Coco dessert

Most restaurants in hotels and resort areas provide menus in English, but many little places do not provide translations, therefore, it is wise to bring along a French phrase book and pocket dictionary. Many restaurants and cafes offer French cuisine and Creole dishes, a wondrous mix of African, Indian, European and Caribbean flavors.

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