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NewsIreland • 2012-02-09

Select the country and object's type The Human Body Exhibition 2nd February 2012 – 31st May 2012

The Human Body Exhibition—an all new exhibition featuring more than 200 full and partial real human body specimens, makes its world debut at The Ambassador Theatre.

The Human Body Exhibition showcases carefully dissected specimens to provide a window into the miraculous way the body functions and gives visitors the opportunity to see exactly what lies beneath their skin.

The Human Body Exhibition takes visitors on a life-changing journey through nine galleries highlighting the essential components of the human anatomy and illustrating the effects of smoking, obesity and other damage that can be caused by neglecting the body. Visitors will be able to compare a healthy lung with a black lung severely damaged by smoking, offering startling evidence of how an unhealthy lifestyle can significantly harm the body. The exhibition is designed to educate, encourage and enlighten attendees to understand the importance of smart lifestyle choices.

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